Cloud Professional Services

Cloud Onboarding and Migration

Self-Service NaviCloud® is an ideal solution for test/dev and short-term projects that don’t require expert management. The platform helps enable organizations to rapidly launch new cloud environments and scale cloud resources, including servers, storage, networks, bandwidth and more.

When planning a cloud migration, the perceived complexity, alongside potentially tight deadlines and downtime concerns, can be daunting. Navisite helps ease the transition by building-in self-service onboarding resources into NaviCloud and providing two optional, add-on onboarding services, which support expedited time-to-value and enhanced simplicity by allowing clients to engage with cloud migration experts.

Built-in, Self-Service Onboarding

Self-service cloud onboarding resources, as well as Help Desk support, are built into Self-Service NaviCloud. Clients with technical familiarity can leverage information ranging from tutorials for establishing a cloud environment to platform API usage parameters at no additional cost. For more complex questions, clients can contact Navisite online via Help Desk tickets.

Guided Cloud Onboarding

When you add-on optional Guided Cloud Onboarding to Self-Service Cloud, Navisite’s experts assess your legacy environment, and then provide written recommendations on how to build-out the environment within Self-Service NaviCloud. Navisite suggests how best to configure VMs, virtual applications, network rules and ancillary services (e.g. management and backups), and provides links to relevant online help topics.
After reviewing your recommendations with Navisite, clients create and execute their own migration plans. During the process, clients can schedule up to two expert review sessions. In this way, the service aids clients in transitioning to the cloud and also works to empower them to manage their new cloud presence.

Managed Cloud Migration

Clients can leverage a trusted Navisite migration partner with over twenty years of migration experience via optional, add-on Managed Cloud Migration services. Working within Navisite’s oversight, the expert migration partner will first assess your legacy environment, and then execute the complete migration of both physical servers and/or virtual servers to Self-Service NaviCloud—all during normal business hours and with minimal downtime. 
Managed Cloud Migration can support migrations of environments spanning multiple operating systems (OSs) and containing almost any hardware or storage platform.  Following your cloud migration, Navisite’s partner will work with you to ensure your applications are properly configured and that you have a stable starting point from which to leverage NaviCloud’s powerful features.



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