Managed Data Protection

With hybrid, multi-cloud IT infrastructure becoming the norm, increasingly, organizations depend on a patchwork of legacy solutions for data protection. Should any one of these solutions fail to backup or restore data as expected, something as simple as user error or hardware failure can potentially cause irreversible data loss.

Even if your organization returns to full productivity following a data loss event, the true business impact can linger and have far reaching affects. Restoring shaken investor and end-user confidence can take years. Selecting a single data protection service that is designed to support complex computing environments can help provide the peace-of-mind that your organization is better protected from data loss scenarios.

A Managed, Unified Solution

Whether your workloads and data are deployed on bare metal, public cloud, private cloud or a hybrid of all three, your digital assets on Navisite servers and storage environments can be protected by one Managed Data Protection solution.

Navisite’s experts handle many of the critical, but time consuming tactical aspects of data protection, such as managing and testing backups, diagnosing failures and initiating restores. Our experts work as an extension of your team, allowing your core IT teams to escape the drudgery of IT maintenance to focus on more engaging business objectives.

Key Functionality and Features

  • Protection from, and recovery after, accidental deletion or data corruption.
  • Protection from, and recovery after, a complete server, virtual machine (VM) or infrastructure failure.
  • Application-consistent data backup, with granular recoverability for supported applications and databases.
  • Reporting and alerting visibility for backup and recovery operations, as well as service usage metering.
  • Options to add-on redundant and offsite data copies as well as long-term data retention.

Primary Data Protection Use Case Scenarios

Navisite’s time-proven experts work with clients to understand their unique data protection needs. After evaluating the data types being stored and RPO and RTO demands, among other requirements, our experts recommend the optimal data protection service plan for your organization. Clients depend on Navisite Managed Data Protection to meet a variety of business scenarios. Some of the most common high-level use cases include…

  • Virtual Servers- Designed for small-to-medium virtualized workloads, such as Web Servers. Agentless (proxy based) backup and recovery for VM images, disks and volumes. Supports both in-place and out-of-place recovery.
  • File Systems- Designed for any size workload. Agent-based, granular backup and recovery for physical and virtual machines, with support for on-demand backups. Provides the ability to protect and recover files, folders and operating systems, as well as full systems (even to a separate infrastructure) by service request.
  • Application Databases- Agent-based, advanced backup and recovery for applications and database workloads running on physical and virtual Machines, such as SQL, Oracle and HANA. Offers full (point-in-time) Application Integrated Recovery and Database Integrated Recovery via service request.

Understanding the Single Solution Provider Advantage

Working with Navisite for all of your data protection needs enables streamlined management and monitoring, boosts visibility and helps eliminate “finger-pointing” between diverse vendors. Clients gain the simplicity of a single contract agreement, billing statement and point-of-contact. At the same time, clients maintain ultimate control of their IT environment thanks to the visibility provided by Proximity, Navisite’s online client interface.


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