Data Centers

NaviSite operates nine data centers across the U.S. and U.K., including several SSAE-16 standardized data centers - all of which provide a resilient, secure, high-performance environment for business applications and mission critical data. The result: you achieve reductions in overall operating costs, downtime risk, and application deployments at an elevated security posture.

NaviSite Data Center Locations

  • Andover, MA
  • Charlotte, NC  
  • New York City, NY
  • Oak Brook, IL
  • Redhill, UK
  • San Jose, CA
  • Syracuse, NY
  • Wilmington, MA
  • Woking, UK

Flexible Space Options

With more than 200,000 sq ft of usable space, all our data centers provide a combination of slab-on-grade (concrete) flooring for different cage configurations and raised floors for cabinets. Both the cages and cabinets are locked for security. You can even get custom cage space to meet your specific business requirements.

Enhanced Security

Our enterprise-class data centers have multiple levels of physical security, including biometric palm scanners at entrances to control entry and card access at all interior and exterior doors. Building entrance requires mandatory visitor registration, visitor escorts, and employee badge access. Our strict security measures ensure a reliable, safe environment for your IT operations.

Fire Protection

All our data centers have early warning AnaLASER fire suppression systems with both smoke and high temperature detectors, and a dry pipe, with a double-interlock fire suppression system. The systems are monitored 24x7 onsite as well as at our international network operation centers.

Uninterrupted Power

NaviSite’s data centers are powered through highly redundant and efficient systems backed by generators that can keep the site fully operational at full load for 24 hours with hot-refuel capability, without any power from the electric grid. The parallel UPS systems and battery backup are redundantly supplied by diversely distributed utility. The diverse power routes and redundant switching infrastructure help ensure your connections are performance-optimized.

Precision Environment

Every data center is completely equipped with data-grade HVAC systems with N+1 redundancy for regulating air temperature and humidity where your equipment resides. This helps ensure longer life and continuous operations for your equipment.

Network Connectivity

Our network is well supported with a directly leased Internet connection to high speed OC3 - Internet connection services. You enjoy fast network connectivity (regardless of volume peaks) as well as 100-percent uptime and excellent response times for hosted business applications and servers.

Going Green

Environmental sustainability means that future generations will have enough resources to support a lifestyle similar to, or better than, the one we have today. With that in mind, NaviSite and Time Warner Cable are committed to using fewer natural resources and generating less waste in our business through initiatives that we call, collectively, "Go Green." Directed by an Executive Steering Committee and our Go Green Working Committee, our efforts are targeted through the development of policies, programs and processes that focus on environmental sustainability. These groups are in the process of establishing a set of Go Green initiatives concentrated on enterprise sustainability and carbon management, energy management, waste management, supply chain, transportation, internal and external engagement and communications, and Go Green employee teams.