Improve performance with managed application hosting services.

As enterprises increasingly rely on applications for a variety of mission-critical functions, application hosting services can help to simplify application management and improve application performance.

IT teams are often tasked with the routine management and maintenance of applications. But this commitment often diverts resources from other strategic priorities that can contribute to the long-term success of the enterprise. By handling many resource-intensive IT processes, application management services help organizations save time, money and manpower. And by trusting application management to an expert application hosting team, organizations can improve performance, avoid downtime and meet compliance requirements more easily.

As a leading provider of managed application hosting services, Navisite provides complete end-to-end functional and technical support of mission-critical applications.

Application hosting with Navisite.

Navisite application hosting services are designed to help simplify, streamline and secure enterprise applications for a variety of distinct business functions. Navisite’s application hosting team can handle resource-intensive processes such as application installation, daily management, software updates, patching and fixing, and enterprise roll-out.

Application hosting with Navisite includes:

  • An onboarding process that quickly closes the gap between project initiation and live production operations, ensuring critical benchmarks are achieved along the way.
  • Application management services with application experts to offer advice, remedy issues and prevent unnecessary downtime.
  • Service level guarantees for performance, continuous application availability, and response and resolution.
  • Built-in disaster recovery and business continuity backed by a state-of-the-art operations centre and highly resilient infrastructure that spans multiple data centres.
  • Flexible application hosting options with physical or cloud-based environments or a blend of both.

Comprehensive application hosting services.

Navisite’s application hosting includes services for:

  • Custom Application Development and Management, providing one-time or recurring guidance and solution implementation to meet dynamic business needs.
  • Managed Office 365 Productivity Suite, enabling organizations to provide familiar office resources for an increasingly mobile workforce.
  • Manage Oracle Suite, offering and array of Oracle hosting services and an experienced team of client managers to relieve IT teams of the burden of administrating, maintaining and managing Oracle® ERP applications.
  • Managed Microsoft Dynamics, providing full-featured support to help IT teams with the tasks of administrating, maintaining and managing Microsoft Dynamics®.
  • Enterprise Mobility Management, offering solutions for enterprises that need to provide secure, unimpeded communications for their mobile workforce.
  • Microsoft hosted Exchange, SharePoint and Lync, offering managed and hosted messaging solutions that help facilitate secure, open transmission of ideas and data.
  • IBM Notes and Domino, offering managed and hosted messaging solutions for organizations with distinct communications and collaboration requirements.

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