Cloud services enhance a BCDR plan.

Business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) is a critical component of business success today. As organizations increasingly rely on data and IT environments for everything from communication and collaboration to productivity and business intelligence, an effective BCDR plan ensures that IT systems will be continually available to employees, partners and clients and that a disaster will have minimal effect on business.

Cloud services can play a critical part in building and maintaining an effective business continuity disaster recovery plan. By providing an off-site location where mission-critical IT infrastructure and data can be managed with state-of-the-art security, cloud services provide the protection and redundancy that a superior BCDR strategy requires.

Cloud services also help organizations avoid the number one pitfall of business continuity management: failure to keep a BCDR plan current. When facing a broad range of priorities and a shrinking pool of resources, many IT teams view a business continuity plan as something to complete and be done with. But to be effective, BCDR must be a continual process with constant updates and extensions to support ever-evolving business environments. By providing regular monitoring, maintenance and management, cloud services enable organizations to operate a successful BCDR strategy while allowing IT teams to focus on other strategic priorities.

Navisite: superior cloud services for BCDR.

Navisite provides cloud services that are designed for or provide built-in BCDR functionality. As a leading provider of enterprise-class managed hosting, manage applications and cloud services to enterprises around the world, Navisite backs its BCDR cloud services with enterprise-class Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that support overarching business resiliency plans. Navisite’s managed services and cloud services can be combined and configured to support multiple Recovery Time and Recovery Point Objectives to support the specific needs of a business continuity management system.

Comprehensive solutions for BCDR strategy.

Navisite offers comprehensive services to support BCDR needs.

  • Navisite operates multiple data centres around the world that provide multiple levels of physical security and protection from fire and loss of power, as well as off-site Navisite Service Centres and on-site staff to continuously monitor infrastructure and ensure security and uptime.
  • Self-service cloud services promote business resiliency by providing replication support for virtual applications and machines, and backup support at the infrastructure level to prevent interference with VM configuration and performance.
  • Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) services allow employees to access their desktop environment as well as files and applications from a remote location, incorporating endpoint devices into a BCDR strategy.
  • Dependable data vaulting services enable enterprises to make virtual copies of important data without expanding physical infrastructure. Shared backup services provide managed off-site tape or disk backup of unopened files on Navisite-managed servers.
  • Database backup management supports hot and cold database backups.

Learn more about Navisite’s services for BCDR plans, and about Navisite’s solutions for cloud and security.