Bring your own Device

Solve the challenges of the Bring Your Own Device trend.

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend is transforming the way enterprises manage the mobile workforce. While the idea is simple — enabling employees to use their own smart phones, tablets and PCs to access enterprise resources regardless of where they are working — managing Bring Your Own Device policy creates significant challenges for enterprise IT teams.

One of the biggest concerns is security -- mobile devices are often lost and easily stolen, and employees are not always diligent about setting passwords and pins, placing enterprise data at risk. Managing network access can be a headache as well, requiring IT administrators to spend a great deal of time setting up new employees and new devices, as well as permissions for guests, contractors and partners. Bring Your Own Device also makes compliance more difficult, and ensuring interoperability and providing ongoing technical support (including updates and software patches) for employee devices can be overwhelming for IT teams already facing shrinking staffs.

To develop a better Bring Your Own Device strategy, more enterprises today are turning to solutions from Navisite. As a leading provider of managed hosting, managed applications and cloud services, Navisite offers solutions that give employees secure access to enterprise resources while significantly simplifying the task of managing Bring Your Own Device policies for the IT organization.

Cloud desktop services simplify Bring Your Own Device management.

Navisite’s cloud desktop hosting services provide Desktop-as-a-Service solutions that simplify Bring Your Own Device management and deliver controlled, centralized and secure access to applications and data through a virtual desktop in the cloud.

With Navisite’s cloud desktops, employees can log on to a virtual desktop instance in the cloud, accessing a completely customizable and familiar Windows desktop experience from virtually any device. All data remains in the data centre protected by state-of-the-art controls and firewalls, ensuring security and compliance. IT administrators can quickly add new users and architect desktop environments to securely enable Bring Your Own Device accessibility. And as business and computing requirements change, IT teams can seamlessly accommodate demands without needing access to endpoint devices.

Manage Bring Your Own Device more easily with Enterprise Mobility Management.

Navisite’s Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions, powered by AirWatch® by VMware®, enable centralized control of resource provisioning, compliance and policies, and permissions at the device and application level. With EMM solutions from Navisite, IT teams can:

  • Manage access to enterprise assets.
  • Encrypt sensitive data as required.
  • Enforce compliance and security standards.
  • Distribute, track, update and secure critical applications over the air on an array of end user devices.
  • Provide a secure and streamlined way for users to share, sync and edit content.
  • Establish a complete and controllable separation of corporate and personal data.

Learn more about Navisite’s solutions for managing Bring Your Own Device, and about cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service and business continuity solutions from Navisite.