Improve business continuity and disaster recovery with cloud services.

Business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) are essential to the success of virtually every organization, and a managed services and cloud services provider can help to improve and strengthen BCDR capabilities.

Cloud services offer obvious advantages for business continuity and disaster recovery by housing mission-critical infrastructure in off-site facilities, protected by state-of-the-art security. But managed services and cloud services can also provide the kind of consistent attention that business continuity and disaster recovery require in terms of regular updates, maintenance, monitoring and extensions to support ever-evolving business environments.

For a cloud services provider that offers leading business continuity and disaster recovery solutions, consider the comprehensive offerings available from Navisite.

Business continuity and disaster recovery with Navisite.

Navisite is a leading provider of managed hosting service options, managed applications and cloud services for enterprises around the world. Many of Navisite’s services are designed to provide built-in functionality for business continuity and disaster recovery. Backed by enterprise-class Service Level Agreements (SLAs), Navisite managed and cloud services can be configured to support multiple Recovery Time and Recovery Point Objectives to meet specific business needs.

Navisite provides three disaster recovery options:

  • Hot Site DR, providing the fastest failover of a mission-critical primary site to a live, near duplicate backup site.
  • Warm Site DR, providing configured hardware that is waiting to receive software and the latest data.
  • Cold Site DR, providing data centre space that is reserved and waiting to receive hardware and data.

Comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery solutions.

As a managed services and managed cloud provider, Navisite provides a number of services that support business continuity and disaster recovery, including:

  • Reliable and secure data centre infrastructure, with multiple data centres across the US and UK that are continuously monitored by off-site Navisite Service Centres to ensure uptime and site security.
  • Self-service cloud services, providing replication of virtual applications and virtual machines between on-premise implementations and an off-premises disaster recovery site, and backup support at the infrastructure level that prevents interference with VM configuration and performance.
  • Dependable data vaulting, providing a secure and highly available replication target for enterprises using EMC’s Data Domain Virtual Tape Library.
  • Shared backup services, providing managed off-site backup of unopened files on Navisite-managed servers.
  • Database backup management, providing support for both hot and cold database backups as well as restoration of complete databases to original or alternate locations.
  • Cloud desktop services that enable employees to access their desktop environment as well as files and apps from any location on almost any Internet-connected device, incorporating end-user desktops and applications into a successful BCDR strategy.

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