Business Continuity Management

Cloud services improve business continuity management.

Business continuity management is an indispensable priority for IT teams today. As organizations rely more heavily on data and information technology, business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) plans theoretically help to ensure that employees, clients and partners will have continual access to information and IT systems, even when the inevitable disaster strikes.

Cloud services can play a vital role in building an effective business continuity disaster recovery plan. By providing an off-site facility where mission-critical infrastructure and data can be housed and replicated, cloud services offer the kind of state-of-the-art security and protections that superior business continuity management requires.

Cloud services can also address the fatal flaw of most business continuity management plans: lack of constant maintenance. Rather than a task to be completed, business continuity management is a process to be constantly managed. For IT teams faced with shrinking budgets and an overwhelming number of priorities, the routine tasks of tending to a business continuity plan can easily be put on the back burner. Cloud services help to mitigate this tendency by providing managed services for monitoring, maintaining and updating ever-evolving business environments to keep a business continuity management strategy current.

Business continuity management with Navisite.

Navisite is a leading provider of enterprise-class cloud services, including managed hosting and managed application services. Navisite offers a full suite of reliable and scalable managed cloud services that are designed for or provide built-in functionality for business continuity management. Supported by enterprise-class Service Level Agreements (SLAs), Navisite cloud services can be combined and configured to support the needs of any business continuity management system.

Navisite offers several disaster recovery options to support business continuity management:

  • Hot Site DR. This option offers the fastest failover of a mission-critical primary site to a live, near duplicate backup site in a Navisite data centre.
  • Warm Site DR. With this option, configured hardware is standing by to receive software and the latest data.
  • Cold Site DR. This disaster recovery option reserves data centre space to receive your hardware and data.

Comprehensive business continuity management services.

Navisite offers a variety of services to support business continuity management, including:

  • Reliable, secure data centre infrastructure with multiple levels of physical security, uninterrupted power supply systems, protection against fire, and an on-site staff to continuously monitor systems and ensure up-time.
  • Self-service cloud services to replicate virtual applications and virtual machines and to backup workloads.
  • Dependable data vaulting to help strengthen data backups, archiving and disaster recovery capabilities.
  • Shared backup services with managed off-site backup of unopened files, file systems and directories using tape backup or disk backup.
  • Database backup management, with support for hot and cold database backups.
  • Desktop-as-a-Service, enabling employees to access their desktop environment remotely, even when local offices are inaccessible or off-line.

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