BYOD Network

Manage your BYOD-accessible network with Navisite.

As the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend becomes increasingly prevalent, IT teams must find more efficient ways to manage BYOD and a network of personal devices

Effective BYOD management must solve several key challenges. Security is the top priority — securing employees’ personal smartphones, tablets and PCs is far more difficult than securing company-issued devices. Compliance is more complex as well, as IT teams have far less control over devices and insight into their usage. Provisioning new BYOD users on a network can be highly time-consuming, and providing technical support, updates and patches for an incredibly diverse collection of endpoint devices may overwhelm IT teams already facing limitations in budgets and staff.

Navisite can help. As a leading provider of managed hosting, managed applications and cloud services, Navisite offers cloud desktop services that enable users to access familiar enterprise resources from any device and any location while simplifying management of the BYOD-accessible network.

Cloud desktop services for the BYOD-accessible network.

Navisite cloud desktop services are delivered in a Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) model powered by VMware®. This BYOD solution offers an easily deployable alternative to traditional corporate desktop environments, providing an enterprise-class virtual desktop experience in the cloud that can be accessed from virtually any device and any location to support BYOD access to your corporate network.

With Navisite’s cloud desktop hosting solution, data and applications do not reside on endpoint devices but rather are stored securely behind firewalls and security controls within the enterprise data centre. Employees can use their personal devices to access critical desktop resources and full-featured desktop capabilities, increasing productivity and convenience. With Navisite’s desktop cloud solution, employees can login and access the files, applications and resources they need most in a setting that’s familiar to them, while IT teams can control BYOD access to the network and secure enterprise resources through a centralised and comprehensive management portal.

Benefits for managing BYOD and your corporate network.

Navisite’s BYOD-accessible network solution enables enterprise IT teams to:

  • Choose from an array of distinct desktop infrastructures to meet diverse business needs, including cloud desktops offering persistent and non-persistent instances.
  • Improve management of BYOD and a network of personal devices without increasing capital expenses.
  • Add new users and architect desktop environments quickly and easily.
  • Improve cloud computing data security and compliance by controlling access to virtual desktops through a single streamlined portal.
  • Rely on Navisite’s managed services to offload the management, security and maintenance of cloud desktops to experts.

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