BYOD Solution

Enable your mobile workforce with a leading BYOD solution.

For organizations seeking to manage the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend more effectively, cloud desktops offer a simple and cost-effective BYOD solution.

BYOD presents a number of significant challenges for IT teams already facing constrained budgets and shrinking staffs. Managing security becomes far more complex when employees want to use their own smart phones, laptops and PCs to access enterprise networks and data. With little control over endpoint devices, maintaining compliance standards and ensuring interoperability is more difficult as well. And providing technical support, updates and patches for a diverse assembly of devices that rarely pass through the hands of IT administrators may seem next to impossible.

A desktop in cloud service offers a powerful BYOD solution, enabling IT teams to keep valuable enterprise data securely within data centres, protected by state-of-the-art security controls and firewalls. Rather than downloading data and applications to user devices, this BYOD solution allows employees to access data and applications on a familiar Windows desktop in the cloud using any device from any location.

For a powerful BYOD solution, consider the cloud desktop services provided by Navisite, a leading international provider of managed hosting, managed applications and cloud services.

Navisite’s BYOD solution simplifies desktop management.

Navisite offers an industry-leading BYOD solution in its suite of cloud desktop services. Delivered through a Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) model, Navisite’s services offer enhanced flexibility and control over resource provisioning and end-user applications.

Leveraging the self-service tools of the NaviCloud® platform, Navisite’s DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service) allow IT administrators to quickly and easily add new users, architect desktop environments and manage the mobile workforce. As organizations evolve and requirements for applications, desktops or compute power change, administrators can seamlessly accommodate demands without needing direct access to users’ devices. Whether supporting mobile professionals, enabling new business units or provisioning a new hire, IT teams can use Navisite’s BYOD solution to significantly shorten the time required to deploy critical technology resources.

Ultimately, with Navisite’s cloud-based BYOD solution, enterprises can focus on moving the business forward and improving productivity while avoiding unnecessary capital expenses.

Navisite’s suite of services provide a leading BYOD solution.

As a leading DaaS company, Navisite offers an array of distinct desktop infrastructures to meet a diverse mix of use cases and business needs.

  • NaviCloud® Desktops offer a persistent Windows desktop instance in the cloud.
  • NaviCloud® Sessions provide a non-persistent Windows desktop experience in the cloud.
  • Managed NaviCloud® DaaS delivers expert IT administrators to manage the BYOD-accessible network.
  • NaviCloud® DaaS with Accelerated Graphics offers high-resolution graphics and enhanced compute power for resource-intensive applications.
  • NaviCloud® DaaS Sensitive Data Services provides features that support strict compliance and regulatory requirements.

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