Cloud and Security

Superior infrastructure solves concerns about the cloud and security.

Since the advent of cloud computing, enterprise executives have had serious concerns about the cloud and security. Their apprehension was understandable — moving business-critical applications, data and infrastructure to an off-site location that is managed by a third party involved a certain amount of risk.

But as cloud architecture has matured, cloud service providers have been able to dramatically improve cloud computing data security to the point where cloud-based solutions can often provide greater security than solutions that reside on premise.

Achieving superior cloud security requires a provider with world-class cloud and security infrastructure, state-of-the-art data centres, and the team of security experts to monitor hardware and activity 24/7. For a large number of enterprises around the world, Navisite provides industry-leading solutions that put to rest any concerns about the cloud and security issues.

Navisite’s cloud and security services

Navisite provides a rich portfolio of cloud services, managed hosting services and managed applications services. Navisite addresses concerns about the cloud and security with world-class data centres on two continents and a team of highly experienced security specialists providing round-the-clock support for even the most complex IT environments.

Navisite’s services include:

  • Application hosting services that allow IT personnel to spend more time on strategic priorities and less time monitoring, maintaining and updating enterprise-class applications. Navisite’s application hosting services are designed to simplify, streamline and secure enterprise applications from Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and others.
  • Desktop cloud services delivered through a Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) model that help to provide greater security at a time when workforces are becoming more mobile and the Bring Your Own Device trend continues to make desktop management more challenging. Navisite cloud desktop services address cloud and security issues by enabling users to access a desktop in the cloud from any device and any location while data and applications remain protected in secure data centres.
  • Cloud infrastructure services that enable IT teams to provision virtualized infrastructure on demand, outsource maintenance and management of mission-critical IT infrastructure and better match IT resources with business requirements.
  • Hosting services that provide fully managed IT infrastructure and applications in highly secure traditional or cloud-enabled environments. Navisite provides managed hosting for servers, storage, databases, networks, and more.

Managed services for the cloud and security

Navisite also offers managed security services -- tailored solutions to address unique security and compliance needs. With a predictable pay-as-you-go pricing structure, most managed security services from Navisite can be implemented without capital investment and can help to eliminate the administrative burden and expense of managing technology and staff for the cloud and security.

Navisite managed security services include:

  • Network intrusion detection and prevention
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Real-time log flow analysis
  • Log Manager
  • Web application security

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