Cloud Architecture

Improve performance with superior cloud architecture.

As information technology continues to evolve, a growing number of organizations are turning to cloud architecture and cloud computing companies to help manage IT environments more easily and cost-effectively.

Before the advent of cloud architecture, organizations designing IT infrastructure would need to plan for peak capacity and simply make do with an excess of technology during slower periods. But as IT environments become more complex and evolve more rapidly, it has become almost impossible to predict compute and storage needs for the next month, let alone the next several years. Planning for peak capacity is no longer a viable or affordable way to manage IT infrastructure.

Relying on cloud architecture enables IT teams to get more value from tighter budgets and fewer employees. By using cloud services for applications, desktops, infrastructure and more, organizations can scale more easily, reduce capital costs, and achieve the agility required to stay competitive.

When choosing the cloud architecture that will help to reduce the cost and complexity of managing IT infrastructure, more organizations today choose Navisite as their cloud computing provider.

Cloud architecture from Navisite

Navisite provides industry-leading managed hosting, managed applications and cloud services, providing enterprises around the world with solutions for outsourcing IT infrastructure and offloading routine maintenance and management tasks.

Navisite’s cloud architecture comprises a number of world-class data centres on two continents and leverages the latest IT technologies to build, deploy and manage mission-critical applications and systems for organizations across a variety of industries. Navisite’s team of IT specialists monitors cloud architecture 24/7/365, providing highly experienced support for even the most complex IT environments. With Navisite’s cloud architecture, clients can optimize IT infrastructure to meet business needs today while also adapting rapidly to satisfy tomorrow’s business requirements.

Services powered by Navisite’s cloud architecture

Navisite’s rich portfolio of secure cloud service offerings includes:

  • Application services that help address the challenge of managing and supporting enterprise-class application suites from Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and more.
  • Cloud desktop services that help to simplify management of the mobile workforce and enable IT teams to address the challenges of Bring Your Own Device trends more easily.
  • Cloud infrastructure services that provide virtualized, on-demand servers, storage, memory and bandwidth, enabling enterprises to provision resources quickly and match resources with business needs more easily.
  • Hosting services for easier management of servers, databases, security, networks, storage and more.

Learn more about Navisite’s cloud architecture, and about Navisite solutions for cloud security.