Cloud Computing Provider

Improve cloud security with the right cloud computing provider.

As organizations move data, applications and infrastructure to the cloud, selecting the right cloud computing provider is critical to secure cloud computing.

In the early days of cloud computing, security was one of the biggest hurdles to adoption. But as cloud architecture and security methodologies have matured, a superior cloud computing provider may offer a level of security that is greater than solutions deployed on premise.

When choosing a cloud computing provider, the key is to look for a vendor with world-class data centre services that are protected with state-of-the-art defenses and controls. The right cloud computing provider will offer a team of cloud infrastructure, application and security experts to monitor deployments 24x7x365, using proven methodologies for defending against attacks and minimizing risk.

When looking for a cloud computing provider with a proven track record of security, more enterprises today choose Navisite.

Navisite: leading cloud computing provider for enterprises around the world.

Navisite offers managed hosting, managed applications and cloud services to enterprises worldwide, enabling them to reduce capital and operational expenses by outsourcing infrastructure and IT services to the cloud.

Navisite uses the latest IT technologies to design, deploy and manage business-critical applications and systems for mid-size businesses and enterprises in a wide variety of industries. As a leading cloud provider, Navisite helps organizations better match IT infrastructure to business requirements in order to meet current needs and adapt quickly to meet future business requirements.

As a cloud computing provider, Navisite offers advantages that include:

  • Faster time-to-value by avoiding long procurement cycles.
  • Minimized capital expenses by eliminating in-house data centres.
  • Disaster recovery options available for all enterprise-level solutions.
  • Superior client service supported by industry-leading service level agreements (SLAs).

A cloud computing provider with leading services and solutions.

As a comprehensive cloud computing provider, Navisite offers services and solutions that include:

  • Managed application services for simplifying, streamlining and securing applications across the enterprise, enabling IT teams to focus on more strategic priorities.
  • Cloud Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solutions that enable users to access a virtual desktop on any device, from any location. As a DaaS company, Navisite enables IT teams to manage the BYOD trend more easily.
  • Infrastructure service solutions that let organizations offload infrastructure to the cloud, taking advantage of the power of cloud computing without sacrificing functionality or security.
  • Managed hosting solutions, including managed server hosting, that offer new and smarter ways to optimize mission-critical infrastructure.

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