Cloud computing security requires a superior infrastructure.

As enterprises move more data, applications and processes to the cloud, cloud computing security has become a critical concern for IT teams.

Cloud computing can provide tremendous value to the enterprise, from greater scalability and cost reductions to more efficient use of resources. But these benefits can only be achieved when cloud computing security can be assured.

Choosing the best partner from the many cloud security vendors is essential. The right partner will offer strong cloud security services and procedures, backed by world-class data centres and infrastructure along with a team of experts and proven cloud computing security methodology. With a superior cloud computing security partner, organizations can take advantage of the many benefits of the cloud while also improving security across the organization.

Cloud computing security with Navisite.

Navisite is a leading provider of managed hosting, managed applications and cloud services, enabling enterprises worldwide to outsource IT infrastructure and reduce their operational and up-front capital costs.

Navisite helps organizations improve cloud computing security by providing highly secure cloud services that include:

  • Application hosting services designed to help simplify, streamline, maintain and secure enterprise applications, enabling IT personnel to focus on other projects with larger business applications.
  • Cloud desktop services delivered through a Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) model that enables IT teams to improve Bring Your Own Device security by providing virtual desktop instances in the cloud, offering any time access to an increasingly mobile workforce while keeping data and enterprise resources protected within secure data centres.
  • Cloud infrastructure services that enable IT teams to outsource mission-critical infrastructure and better match IT resources with demand.
  • Hosting services that provide fully managed IT infrastructure and applications in highly secure traditional or cloud-enabled environments and that deliver the flexibility and scalability to meet current business demand as well as future business requirements.

Navisite’s managed cloud computing security services.


Navisite also provides managed cloud computing security services, fully monitored and managed 24x7x365, that help eliminate the unexpected expenses and burdens of managing staff and security. These Security-as-a-Service cloud offerings include:

  • Network intrusion detection and prevention, deploying network security in any hosted or cloud environment to identify threats found in network traffic.
  • Vulnerability assessments to scan internal and external networks for known vulnerabilities.
  • Real-time log flow analysis to boost real-time security monitoring or critical security log.
  • Log Manager, collecting Windows event log, syslog and flat-file logs.
  • Web application security that offers critical web protection and cost-effective management along with state-of-the-heart firewall protection and blocking capabilities.

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