Empower your mobile workforce with a cloud desktop solution.

As the workforce becomes increasingly mobile, hosted cloud desktop technology can help to provide employees with access to the enterprise resources they need from anywhere at any time.

The mobile workforce and the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend have created tremendous challenges for IT departments. Employees expect and need the ability to work from anywhere and want to connect to enterprise resources with whatever device is most convenient. But securing a myriad of personal devices is impossible, especially for IT departments that are already facing constrained budgets and shrinking staffs. A cloud desktop solution addresses these security concerns by providing access to a virtual desktop via any device while data remains in the data centre, securely protected by firewalls and other defenses.

For enterprises seeking a leading cloud desktop solution to improve mobility management and BYOD security, Navisite offers premier cloud desktop services that are the choice of leading organisations around the world.

Navisite’s cloud desktop solution.

Navisite is a leading international provider of enterprise-class cloud services, managed hosting and application management services. Understanding that the real value of cloud services is the ability to easily manage and update technology environments on demand, Navisite provides enterprises with a cloud desktop solution that supports the needs of a mobile and distributed workforce.

Navisite’s cloud desktop solution is an easily deployable alternative to the traditional corporate desktop environment and can be accessed from virtually any device and any location. Powered by VMware®, Navisite‘s cloud desktop solutions deliver the flexibility and benefits of cloud computing directly to corporate end-users while enabling IT staffs to quickly architect desktop environments, easily add new users, and securely enable a diversified and mobile workforce.

Comprehensive cloud desktop services.

Navisite’s cloud desktop solutions offer an array of distinct desktop infrastructure options to serve a variety of business needs and meet the challenge of Bring Your Own Device security.

  • NaviCloud® Desktops offer a persistent Windows desktop instance in the cloud.
  • NaviCloud® Sessions provide a non-persistent Windows desktop instance in the cloud.
  • Managed NaviCloud® DaaS offer dedicated and expert professionals to handle the management and maintenance of virtualized desktop environments.
  • NaviCloud® DaaS Sensitive Data Services provide cloud desktop services for organisations with strict or complex compliance and regulatory standards.
  • NaviCloud® DaaS with Accelerated Graphics offer a Windows desktop instance in the cloud with enhanced compute power and high-resolution graphics capabilities for resource-intensive applications.

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