Cloud Email Security

Enhance cloud email security with managed application services.

Cloud email security has become a top concern as more organizations turn to cloud-based solutions for enterprise messaging systems.

Cloud-based messaging systems hold the potential to significantly reduce costs by using IT resources more efficiently. These solutions also help to improve scalability and free up IT personnel from the time-intensive tasks of managing and maintaining on-premise infrastructure. But to ensure secure cloud service, organizations must choose a superior cloud messaging provider.

World-class cloud infrastructure is the key to delivering cloud email security. The right messaging vendor must provide services through state-of-the art data centres with enterprise-class cloud infrastructure, managed by a team of cloud security specialists. Vendors must also use a proven methodology for protecting business-critical assets against malicious attacks, malware, corruption, hardware failure, disasters and other threats.

When looking for a superior cloud messaging provider with a strong track record in cloud email security, consider the suite of solutions provided by Navisite.

Cloud email security with Navisite

Navisite provides managed hosting, managed applications and cloud services to enterprises around the world, helping IT teams to manage IT infrastructure more easily, reduce costs and complexity and improve security, including cloud email security.

Navisite’s cloud architecture spans an international collection of data centres with the most advanced cloud hosting security features. All of Navisite’s solutions help to improve cloud email security by applying state-of-the-art security at every level.

Navisite’s services include:

  • Application services, including application hosting for Microsoft Exchange and other messaging platforms, that help IT teams manage business-critical applications more easily by hosting applications within a highly secure data centre and offloading management and maintenance to a team of application experts.
  • Cloud infrastructure services that allow IT teams to rapidly provision virtualized servers, storage, memory and bandwidth in order to better match IT resources to business needs.
  • Cloud desktop services that help to secure the mobile workforce by providing users with secure access to a desktop in the cloud from any device and location.
  • Hosting services, including colocation services and managed hosting for networks, storage, databases, servers, Web servers, and application/middleware servers.

Managed services for greater cloud email security

Navisite also offers managed security services that can help to achieve greater cloud email security. These services include:

  • Network intrusion detection and prevention, to identify threats found in email and network traffic.
  • Vulnerability assessments that include step-by-step instructions for remediation.
  • Real-time log flow analysis to alert users of critical security issues.
  • Log Manager, for collecting Windows event log, syslog and flat-file logs.
  • Web Security Manager, providing superior cloud web security and cost-effective management.

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