Cloud Hosting Security

Choose superior infrastructure for cloud hosting security.

Cloud hosting security is a significant issue for any enterprise seeking to reap the benefits of cloud computing. While executives and IT teams have long had concerns about the cloud and security, cloud service providers today are often able to provide a level of secure cloud computing that surpasses security measures employed by on-premise solutions. World-class data centres can deliver superior cloud hosting security with greater protection against physical threats, hackers, and failure of hardware and software. And with teams of experts monitoring systems and hardware 24/7, cloud providers can deliver cloud computing data security more easily and cost-effectively than in-house IT teams.

The key to achieving cloud hosting security is to choose the right provider. For enterprises around the world, Navisite is the cloud services provider of choice.

Cloud hosting security with Navisite

Navisite is a leading provider of managed hosting, managed applications and cloud services to enterprises in a diverse array of industries. Navisite’s team of highly experienced IT specialists is available round-the-clock to support even the most complex IT environments, enabling enterprises to rely on extraordinary cloud hosting security.

Navisite’s industry-leading cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions are integral to achieving cloud hosting security. Navisite’s IaaS offerings include:

  • Managed Cloud, a fully managed IaaS platform designed for enterprises looking for a cloud provider to manage their virtual resources.
  • Self-Service Cloud, a comprehensive IaaS platform that supports simple, fast application building and scaling.
  • Cloud Onboarding and Migration services that simplify the complex process of a cloud migration.

Managed cloud hosting security services

In addition to secure cloud infrastructure, Navisite provides managed security services in conjunction with our partner, Alert Logic, that enable organizations to avoid capital investments and security infrastructure. With a predictable pay-as-you-go pricing structure, Navisite’s managed cloud hosting security services enable organizations to eliminate the administrative burden and unpredictable expenses associated with managing IT security staff and technology.

Navisite’s managed security services include:

  • Network intrusion detection and prevention for greater network security in any hosted or cloud environment.
  • Vulnerability assessments that scan internal and external networks for known vulnerabilities.
  • Real-time log flow analysis that improves real-time security monitoring.
  • Log Manager that collects data on Windows syslog, event log and flat-file logs.
  • Web application security that delivers critical cloud web security as well as firewall protection and blocking capabilities.

Learn more about cloud hosting security with Navisite, and about Navisite solutions for Desktop-as-a-Service architecture.