Match IT resources to demand with Cloud IaaS.

As enterprises work to maintain the ideal IT infrastructure, Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud computing, or cloud IaaS, provides a cost-effective solution for matching technology with business requirements.

The rapid pace of change in both the business world and the technology landscape has made the task of building IT infrastructure complex and costly. Fluid business needs often dictate quick deployments of testing and production environments, but variable demand makes it difficult to predict compute and storage requirements on even a day-to-day basis, let alone on an annual or multi-year scale. Cloud IaaS solutions provide on-demand infrastructure such as servers, storage, memory and bandwidth for a more flexible, scalable and cost-efficient provisioning of IT resources.

For enterprises seeking secure, dependable cloud IaaS services, Navisite offers industry-leading solutions that set the standard for enterprise-class infrastructure and cost-effective application performance.

Cloud IaaS offerings from Navisite.

Navisite is a leading international cloud services provider, offering managed hosting, managed applications and other cloud and IT solutions such as colocation services for midsized and enterprise companies.

Navisite cloud IaaS solutions enable IT departments to provision on-demand, usage-billed infrastructure services from virtualized resource pools. With Navisite, enterprises get the scalability and flexibility of cloud computing as a managed or self-service solution that can be customized to address security, availability and performance needs.

Navisite cloud IaaS solutions enable enterprises to:

  • Compete more efficiently with the ability to quickly test and roll out new client-facing applications.
  • Control growth and minimize uncertainty by quickly adapting to new infrastructure requirements and upticks in the demand for computing resources.
  • Execute internal IT initiatives, building scalable, productivity-enhancing employee applications.
  • Reduce costs by moving back-office applications to a highly secure, cloud-based infrastructure.
  • Ensure business continuity and disaster recovery with the ability to quickly restore IT environments.
  • Build hybrid clouds and prepare for phased cloud deployments.

Managed or self-service cloud IaaS.

Navisite provides two models for cloud IaaS services:
Navisite Managed Cloud Services are ideal for enterprises that want to move existing applications to the cloud. As a fully managed IaaS platform, Navisite’s managed services cloud computing solution is designed to support applications with predetermined network demands that require changes infrequently.

Navisite Self-Service Cloud Services provide a versatile cloud IaaS platform for cloud-based production applications as well as access to VMware APIs and the VMware developer community. Providing the speed and flexibility of the dynamic cloud without sacrificing functionality and reliability, Navisite’s Self-Service Cloud Services support simple, fast application building and scaling.

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