Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service

Improve performance with cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service.

As technology and IT environments continue to evolve rapidly, more organizations are turning to cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions to manage IT environments more effectively and cost efficiently.

In the past, when building IT infrastructure, organizations would design for peak capacity and accept an inevitable excess of infrastructure during slower periods. This model is no longer viable, however, as changing business needs and evolving technology makes it difficult to predict compute and storage requirements for tomorrow, let alone for next year or the next three years.

Given this situation and the pressure to accomplish more with tighter budgets and fewer employees, many IT teams are using cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service offerings to achieve the scalability, performance and cost-efficiency they require to remain competitive. With IaaS providers assuming the responsibility for managing, maintaining and updating infrastructure, IT staffs are free to focus on strategic business and growth objectives.

For organizations seeking a superior cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider, Navisite offers secure, dependable virtualized infrastructure service solutions that include servers, storage, memory and bandwidth, as well as optional add-on professional and ancillary services.

Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service from Navisite.

As a leading cloud computing provider, Navisite delivers managed hosting, managed applications, desktop cloud solutions and other cloud services to enterprises in a diverse range of business verticals around the world.

Navisite’s cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service offerings allow organizations to better match IT resources with demand while mitigating capital and operational costs. By entrusting aspects of IT maintenance and support to Navisite experts, organizations can take the pressure off of IT staffs that are already overwhelmed by competing priorities, without sacrificing reliability or rapid response times.

Benefits of Navisite’s cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service include:

  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Greater spending predictability
  • Enhanced business agility
  • Improved cost efficiency
  • Guaranteed service levels

Two delivery models for cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service.

Navisite provides cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service in two different delivery models to better meet diverse business needs.

  • Navisite Managed Cloud Services offer an ideal solution for enterprises that want to move existing applications to the cloud. This fully-managed cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform is designed to support applications with predetermined network demands that require infrequent changes.
  • Navisite Self-Service Cloud Services support simple, fast application building and scaling, delivering the speed and efficiency of the dynamic cloud without sacrificing the functionality and reliability that organizations expect from traditional infrastructure.

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