Solve IT provisioning challenges with a cloud infrastructure provider.

When matching IT infrastructure to business requirements and ensuring data centre security doesn’t become too complex and costly to manage, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions from a cloud infrastructure provider may be the answer.

Building and maintaining an in-house data centre is no longer a viable option for many organizations. Changing business needs often dictate rapid deployments of development and production environments, making it nearly impossible to predict compute and storage requirements from day-to-day, let alone making plans for the next 12 months or three years.

On-demand servers, storage, memory and bandwidth from a cloud infrastructure provider enable organizations to purchase and use only what they need, eliminating the hidden costs of underutilization and the risk of under provisioning.

When seeking a cloud infrastructure provider that offers secure, dependable virtualized IT Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions, leading organizations around the world choose the cloud infrastructure offerings of Navisite.

Navisite: a leading cloud infrastructure provider.

Navisite is a leading international cloud infrastructure provider of managed hosting, managed applications and other cloud services, including Desktop-as-a-Service, colocation, and enterprise mobility management solutions.

As a cloud infrastructure provider, Navisite’s IaaS offerings provide highly scalable, on-demand, pay-as-you-go infrastructure services from virtualized resource pools. With the ability to customize infrastructure to address specific security, availability and performance needs, Navisite IaaS enables organizations to:

  • Streamline IT operations by avoiding the complexity of managing an in-house data centre.
  • Reduce costs by eliminating capital expenditures and the hefty costs associated with in-house data centres.
  • Quickly test and roll out new client-facing applications to compete more efficiently.
  • Manage growth and uncertainty more easily by adapting computing environments to changing IT requirements.
  • Reduce application management costs by moving back-office applications to a highly secure, enterprise-class infrastructure.
  • Build and deploy hybrid clouds to more easily manage and control the movement of data and infrastructure to the cloud.

In addition to IaaS offerings, Navisite offers Desktop-as-a-Service solutions to manage BYOD security, and is one of the nation’s leading colocation providers.

A cloud infrastructure provider with two delivery models.

As a cloud infrastructure provider dedicated to providing clients with the ideal mix of services and solutions, Navisite offers two IaaS delivery models.

  • Self-Service Cloud Services provide a customizable experience for new apps and services that enables organizations to take advantage of the flexibility and speed of cloud-based capabilities. This solution is optimized for rapid rollout and dynamic enhancement for cloud-based business models.
  • Managed Cloud Services offer an ideal solution for enterprises intent on moving existing and legacy applications to the cloud. This solution is designed to support applications with predetermined network demands that require infrequent changes.

Learn more about Navisite’s offerings as a cloud infrastructure provider, and see how Navisite’s security solutions compare to other cloud security vendors.