Choosing cloud security vendors.

As enterprises continue to adopt cloud-based solutions for enterprise information management, cloud security vendors are playing an increasingly important role in IT security.

While the cloud offers significant benefits in cost reductions, scalability and efficient use of resources, security concerns have prevented many enterprises from taking full advantage of everything cloud had to offer. But cloud security vendors and world-class cloud security services have demonstrated that the cloud can often be equally or more secure than on-premise infrastructure.

One of the most important tasks in moving to the cloud is choosing the right cloud security vendors. A superior cloud services provider will offer strong data centre security, a world-class cloud computing infrastructure, application security experts and a proven methodology for securing the data stored within a cloud deployment. With the right cloud security vendors, you can take advantage of all the rewards cloud offers while effectively increasing enterprise security.

Among the world’s leading cloud security vendors, Navisite is the preferred provider of cloud infrastructure services for a growing number of enterprises around the globe.

Navisite: a leader among cloud security vendors.

As a leading cloud security vendor, Navisite provides enterprise-class managed hosting, managed applications and cloud services that enable enterprises to lower capital and operational costs by outsourcing IT infrastructure to the cloud. Enterprise clients rely on Navisite for solutions that are tailored to the unique IT security needs of the organization. Navisite’s secure cloud solutions help to meet evolving business needs and enable organizations to adapt rapidly to meet future requirements.

Navisite’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions enable enterprises to take advantage of the speed and flexibility of the cloud while also improving enterprise security. These services include:

  • Navisite’s Self-Service Cloud services, offering a comprehensive IaaS platform for fast application building and scaling.
  • Navisite’s Managed Cloud services, designed to support applications with predetermined network demands.
  • Cloud Onboarding and Migration services for organizations moving workloads to Navisite’s self-service cloud platform

Managed services from one of the industry’s leading cloud security vendors.

Navisite also offers managed Security-as-a-Service cloud solutions that eliminate the need for capital investment as well as the unexpected burdens and expenses of managing security staff and technology.

Managed cloud security services from Navisite include:

  • Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention
  • Real-Time Log Flow Analysis
  • Web Application Security
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Log Manager

Learn more about Navisite and compare Navisite offerings to other cloud security vendors.