Cloud Service

Cloud service providers simplify management of IT infrastructure.

Cloud service companies are rapidly changing the way organisations manage applications, desktops, infrastructure and IT assets.

As information technology continues to rapidly evolve, businesses large and small require smarter ways to design, provision and manage IT infrastructure. Changing business requirements make it hard to predict infrastructure needs next week, let alone next year, and hardware and software requires constant monitoring, maintenance, updates and management to keep it optimised. By providing secure cloud computing with virtualized infrastructure on demand and services to maintain and manage it, cloud service providers enable companies to reduce the cost and complexity of managing their IT infrastructure.

When seeking world-class cloud service offerings built on state-of-the-art data centre solutions, more businesses today are turning to solutions from Navisite.

Navisite: a leading cloud service provider

Navisite provides managed hosting, managed applications and cloud service offerings to mid-sized businesses and enterprises around the world. Utilising the most advanced IT technologies to design, deploy and manage mission-critical systems and applications, Navisite enables organisations to more easily meet the needs of business today while adapting quickly to meet future business requirements.

Cloud service solutions from Navisite

Navisite offers a rich portfolio of cloud service solutions that include:

  • Application services. Navisite provides managed application services for Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and other enterprise application suites. Navisite’s cloud service offerings for applications help IT teams simplify, streamline and secure applications across the organisation, saving time and expense by offloading monitoring, maintenance and management of these mission-critical resources.
  • Cloud infrastructure services. Navisite offers virtualized IT infrastructure via cloud as a service, enabling organisations to take advantage of the speed and flexibility of the cloud without sacrificing functionality. Navisite’s virtualized servers, storage, bandwidth and memory enable organisations to scale more easily to meet business demand while minimising capital and operational expense.
  • Cloud desktop solutions. Navisite provides cloud desktop solutions that make it easier to manage desktops for a mobile workforce and simplify management of BYOD. Navisite’s DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service) solutions enable users to access their desktop from any device and from any location, while enabling IT teams to manage security and provision new desktops more easily.
  • Hosting services. Navisite provides managed hosting services that allow IT teams to outsource routine management and maintenance in order to focus on more strategic priorities. Navisite’s offerings include managed colocation services as well as managed servers, databases, networks, storage, application servers, middleware servers and Web servers.

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