Colocation solves data centre challenges.

As the task of establishing, upgrading and maintaining a data centre becomes increasingly complex and costly, colocation may be the answer to your data centre challenges.

Your data centre is mission-critical for day-to-day operations, but ensuring round-the-clock power, cooling, connectivity, security and support is difficult when faced with shrinking IT budgets and staffs. By enabling multiple organizations to share space and the cost of fixed and recurring expenses, colocation providers offer a more cost-effective data centre environment while delivering greater security, scalability and reliability than any one organization could achieve alone.

As a leading international provider of enterprise-class, cloud-enabled hosting, managed applications and managed IT services, Navisite offers world-class colocation services that provide the high-performance, dependable data centre environment you require, enabling you to spend more time managing your business goals and less time managing infrastructure.

Navisite’s colocation services

Navisite offers colocation hosting services for organizations spanning diverse business verticals. Each data centre provides:

  • Flexible space options, with 19” or 23” locking cabinets and private colocation suites, depending on location.
  • Guaranteed uptime and performance, with AC power provided by uninterrupted power supply systems and HVAC systems that provide a consistent 72-degree Fahrenheit ambient air temperature (+/-2°) and 45% humidity (+/-5%).
  • A dependable network, offering access to a variety of providers to support round-the-clock, high-bandwidth conductivity for colocation services.
  • 24-hour monitoring and transparency provided by redundant Navisite Service Centres.
  • Smart Hands Data Centre Support, providing on-site Navisite technicians who can perform basic tasks on site, allowing you to avoid dispatching your own field services personnel to the data centre.
  • World-class security with constant video surveillance, mandatory visitor registration and escorts, employee badges and dual-authentication (including biometrics) for data centre access.
  • Disaster recovery and disaster replication solutions, for colocation clients seeking an additional layer of protection at an additional cost.

Navisite’s colocation services are offered with flexible contract durations and pricing options that enable you to meet your exact business requirements.

Colocation at diverse data centres

Navisite provides colocation at several data centres that offer a variety of services and infrastructure capabilities in the following US and UK locations:

  1. Boston, Mass.
  2. New York City, N.Y.
  3. Chicago, Ill.
  4. Santa Clara, Calif.
  5. Upstate, N.Y.
  6. London, UK (Located in Redhill, Surrey)
  7. Woking, UK

In addition to colocation services, Navisite data centres offer a full portfolio of cloud, managed and hosted services that include:

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