Colocation providers help solve data centre challenges.

When your data centre becomes too complex and expensive to manage, colocation providers offer an affordable and highly effective alternative. Colocation providers enable multiple organisations to coexist in a single data centre that is professionally managed by a team of IT experts. By allowing companies to share the significant costs of providing power, cooling, security, networking and management for the data centre, colocation providers help to significantly reduce the cost of operating a data centre while streamlining data centre management. Additionally, because of these pooled resources, colocation providers can cost-effectively deliver greater scalability, reliability and security than a single organisation can expect to achieve with its own resources.

When comparing colocation providers, it’s important to choose a company that offers extraordinary security, guaranteed uptime and flexible contracts and pricing. That’s exactly why organisations around the world choose colocation services from Navisite.

Navisite: one of the industry’s leading colocation providers.

Navisite is a leading international provider of enterprise-class managed hosting, managed applications and cloud services. As one of the industry’s top colocation providers, we operate staff and support multiple data centres across the world, providing enterprise-class colocation services for organisations in diverse business verticals.

Our colocation hosting services include:

  • Flexible and scalable physical colocation options, with 19” and 23” locking cabinets and private colocation suites, depending on the location. Some of our data centres also offer roof rights to support point-to-point microwave links and choice antenna systems.
  • Uninterrupted AC power supply systems, with backup power provided by batteries and on-site diesel generators in the rare event of utility grid power outage.
  • Data-grade HVAC systems to maintain consistent temperature and humidity.
  • Flexible and dependable networks with round-the-clock, high-bandwidth connectivity.
  • 24-hour monitoring by redundant Navisite Service Centres.
  • State-of-the-art security controls and fire prevention solutions.
  • Smart Hands support services that provide on-site technicians who can act as the eyes and hands of the client, avoiding the need to dispatch in-house personnel to data centres to perform basic tasks.
  • Guaranteed uptime and high performance standards for local and international traffic.
  • Flexible pricing options and contract durations.

Navisite advantages over other coefficient providers.

One of the most significant benefits that Navisite offers over other colocation providers is the ability to supplement colocation services with managed hosting, managed application support and managed cloud and hybrid cloud services. Navisite’s cloud hosted desktop service (Desktop-as-a-Service or DaaS) solution provides a virtual desktop solution, while cloud infrastructure and IaaS services enable organisations to outsource infrastructure to the cloud to save on capital and operational expenses.

Navisite also provides colocation at several data centres that offer a variety of services and infrastructure capabilities in the following US and UK locations:

  1. Boston, Mass.
  2. New York City, N.Y.
  3. Chicago, Ill.
  4. Santa Clara, Calif.
  5. Upstate, N.Y.
  6. London, UK (Located in Redhill, Surrey)
  7. Woking, UK

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