Simplify your data centre with colocation services.

When managing your data centre becomes too much of an administrative burden and financial strain, colocation services provide a simpler, more cost-effective alternative.

Colocation involves housing servers and devices in data centres owned and managed by third-party colocation providers. By enabling multiple organisations to share the cost of space as well as redundant systems for providing power, cooling, security and network connections, colocation services offer significant cost savings while delivering greater scalability and reliability than any single organisation could achieve on its own.

When you are looking for world-class colocation services, Navisite offers enterprise colocation for a wide variety of organisations in multiple data centres across the world. Monitored by security and operational experts 24x7x365, our data centres provide dependable environments to house mission-critical applications, websites and other network services.

Colocation services from Navisite.

Colocation services at our flagship data centres include:

  • Scalable space options with 19” or 23” locking cabinets and options for private colocation suites at select locations. Some of our data centres also provide roof rights to support point-to-point microwave links and antenna systems.
  • Uninterrupted power systems with both battery and on-site diesel generators as backup.
  • Data-grade HVAC systems that maintain ambient air temperature at a consistent 72-degree Fahrenheit (+/-2°) with a humidity level of 45% (+/-5%).
  • Round-the-clock, high-bandwidth connectivity with access to a variety of providers. Our colocation services also support resilient, inter- data centre connectivity and high-speed routing to global and domestic locations.
  • 24/7 monitoring by redundant Navisite Service Centres located at a distance from the physical data centre.
  • Smart Hands data centre support that provides on-site technicians, allowing companies to avoid dispatching in-house field services personnel to handle routine jobs.
  • State-of-the-art security controls and fire prevention solutions.
  • Guaranteed uptime and high performance standards for both local and international traffic.
  • Flexible pricing options and contract durations.

Additional colocation services and locations.

Navisite’s colocation services can easily integrate with other Navisite offerings, including:

  • Managed hosting services
  • Managed application services
  • Cloud desktop services – Navisite is a leading DaaS provider.
  • Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS services) that include self-service and managed clouds

Navisite also provides colocation services in the following US and UK locations:

  1. Boston, Mass.
  2. New York City, N.Y.
  3. Chicago, Ill.
  4. Santa Clara, Calif.
  5. Upstate, N.Y.
  6. London, UK (Located in Redhill, Surrey)
  7. Woking, UK

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