Azure Certification

An Azure certification means you're in good hands.

When choosing a partner to help manage your Microsoft Azure® cloud platform, finding a provider with a large number of technical experts holding Azure certifications is crucial.

Microsoft Azure® is a powerful platform for building, implementing and managing cloud services. Built for rapid scaling of cloud applications, the Azure cloud platform and Azure storage allow you to reduce costs, increase agility and harness the enormous potential of the cloud.

Many organizations seeking to benefit from an Azure cloud service turn to a managed services provider to help monitor and maintain their Azure deployment. With the right partner, you can seamlessly migrate to an Azure cloud and manage it more easily, outsourcing routine tasks of maintenance and updates to Azure experts and freeing your IT team to pursue more value-driven priorities.

As you evaluate potential partners, you want to make sure that the provider you select has the appropriate Microsoft expertise and Azure certifications. That's why so many companies implementing an Azure cloud turn to the experts from Navisite.

Navisite: experts with Azure certifications can elevate your cloud deployment.

Navisite provides enterprise-class, cloud-enabled services, managed applications and cloud services for enterprises worldwide. Navisite's suite of reliable and scalable managed services include application services, cloud desktop services, cloud infrastructure services and hosting services for organizations that want to outsource IT infrastructure in order to reduce capital and operational costs.

Navisite Managed Azure provides managed services for enterprise clients intent on implementing Azure to address current and future business needs. Unlike other service providers that lack Microsoft expertise and Azure certifications, Navisite represents a single partner that can optimize an entire cloud stack. With a team of experts possessing the requisite Azure certifications, Navisite fulfills client needs with the ability to manage bare-metal and cloud workloads in both Navisite and Azure data centres.

Benefits of a partner with an Azure certification

Building on a 20-year partnership, Navisite and Microsoft continue to deliver customized and flexible cloud-based applications and solutions that enable enterprises to outsource routine management and maintenance burdens and allow internal IT teams to focus on strategic initiatives and overall client satisfaction.

Navisite offers architects with Azure certification that can manage all aspects of an Azure deployment, including:

  • Virtual machines, with the ability to revision Windows and Linux virtual machines in minutes.
  • Storage, managing Azure's highly available and massively scalable cloud storage solutions.
  • Load-balancing, providing enhanced availability and performance for applications.
  • Backups, offering simple and reliable server backup to the cloud.
  • VPN gateway, with secure cross-premises conductivity.

Learn more about the value Azure certification, and about Navisite solutions for multi-cloud management and data protection services with Commvault data protection software.