Azure Cloud

Drive innovation with managed Azure cloud.

While monitoring and managing your Microsoft Azure® cloud environment is draining to many IT resources, a Managed Azure cloud service from Navisite lets you outsource tedious and time-consuming tasks to a team of Azure management experts.

Microsoft Azure is a highly sophisticated collection of integrated cloud services for analytics, computing, storage, networking, databases, mobile and web applications. But managing this powerful cloud platform can quickly overwhelm IT teams that may not have the bandwidth or tools to manage and maintain this complex environment 24/7.

That's where Navisite's Managed Azure cloud services can help. As an experienced, managed multi-cloud provider, we have the expertise and knowledge to help you maximize the benefits of your Azure cloud environment while increasing security, visibility, functionality and reliability.

A Managed Azure cloud service from Navisite

Navisite's Managed Azure cloud solution can help you attain all the benefits you anticipated when selecting an Azure environment for your cloud infrastructure. Navisite combines round-the-clock monitoring with management expertise to help you rapidly scale cloud native applications and support the integration of other Microsoft solutions.

With Managed Azure, you can:

  • Enable innovation. With Navisite experts helping to optimize your Azure cloud deployment, you can more easily align strategic objectives, manage your cloud environment more effectively, and free your IT teams from the monotony of daily maintenance in order to focus on driving innovation.
  • Improve performance. Navisite's Managed Azure services let you maintain close control over your environment with greater visibility into usage, performance and integration with other Microsoft-powered solutions.
  • Increase scalability. A Managed Azure cloud provides rapid scalability of cloud native applications to allow you to respond to today's requirements and tomorrow's opportunities.

Navisite's Proximity portal provides a unified interface for visibility into your Managed Azure cloud.. A Timeline view of assets gives you visibility into important events and resolutions, while a Troubled Asset view helps to identify and avoid potential incidents.

Benefits for your Azure cloud deployment

With Navisite's Managed Azure cloud services, you can:

  • Free IT resources from the time-consuming tasks of monitoring, managing and maintaining your Azure environment, enabling IT to focus instead on strategic business goals.
  • Mitigate capital expense with predictable pay-as-you-go Azure pricing.
  • Employ flexible network architectures to maximize performance of your applications.

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