Azure Cloud Service

Improve performance with a managed Microsoft Azure cloud service

To realize the benefits of a Microsoft Azure cloud, many enterprises are turning to a managed Azure cloud service to harness this sophisticated technology more effectively.

Microsoft Azure provides a powerful platform for creating, implementing and managing applications and services. Designed for rapid scaling of cloud native applications, Azure enables companies to move faster, achieve more and save money.

Managing an Azure cloud deployment can be a significant drain on IT resources. In-house IT teams often lack the experience and tools to seamlessly migrate and manage Azure deployments, and tending to the monitoring and maintenance of this essential IT infrastructure can draw IT personnel away from more mission-critical priorities.

That's where Navisite's Azure cloud service can help.

An Azure cloud service from Navisite

As a leading provider of managed hosting, managed applications and managed cloud services, Navisite offers an Azure cloud service that provides 24/7/365 monitoring and management of an Azure environment provisioned in one of Microsoft's data centres. Navisite enables you to more fully reap the benefits you expected when making the decision to move to the Azure platform, while freeing your IT teams from time-consuming and tedious maintenance tasks and allowing them to focus on business innovation.

With Navisite's Azure cloud service, you can:

  • Leave Azure management and maintenance to Azure cloud service experts.
  • Reduce capital expenses with pay-as-you go Microsoft Azure pricing.
  • Employ flexible network architectures to improve performance of applications.
  • Enjoy rapid scaling of cloud native applications.

Features of Navisite's Azure cloud service

When getting started with Microsoft Azure, Navisite can oversee provisioning of new accounts to deliver the cloud infrastructure you need. Navisite can manage:

  • Virtual machines (VMs), provisioning Linux and Windows machines within minutes.
  • Storage, enabling access to durable, highly available and massively scalable cloud storage.
  • Backups, providing simple and reliable server backups to the cloud.
  • Virtual networks, provisioning private networks that have the option of connecting to on-premises data centres.
  • Load-balancing, delivering enhanced availability and network performance for applications.
  • VPN gateway, ensuring secure, cross-premises connectivity.

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