Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting services improve productivity and performance.

As your organization seeks to take advantage of cloud technology to improve productivity and competitiveness, cloud hosting services can be instrumental in promoting and accelerating cloud transformation within your company.

The benefits of cloud computing grow clearer by the day – from faster performance and greater scalability to significant cost reductions and improved agility. But managing a cloud deployment on-premises can easily consume a disproportionate amount of IT resources, saddling IT administrators with important but routine tasks that draw attention away from more strategic initiatives.

Cloud hosting provides a more effective way to take advantage of the cloud. With managed cloud hosting or cloud transformation services, you gain a host of benefits: from a more efficient use of resources to predictable IT expenses and the outsourcing of the critical but routine tasks of managing IT infrastructure.

When choosing a cloud hosting provider, more mid-sized to enterprise companies around the world are turning to services provided by Navisite.

Cloud hosting with Navisite

As a leading international provider of managed hosting, managed applications and cloud hosting services, Navisite enables organizations to reduce capital and operational costs by outsourcing IT infrastructure. Leveraging the latest IT technologies, Navisite builds, implements and manages mission-critical systems and applications for mid-sized and enterprise companies across a broad range of industry verticals. With Navisite cloud hosting, organizations can optimize IT infrastructure to address current business requirements while also rapidly adapting to future business needs.

Navisite's array of cloud hosting solutions

Navisite cloud hosting services include:

  • Managed NaviCloud®. Navisite's Managed NaviCloud platform provides the complete functionality of VMware's powerful hypervisor and delivers maximum compatibility with Navisite's enterprise-grade, managed services. With Managed NaviCloud, Navisite's team handles the important but time-consuming tasks of monitoring, managing and maintaining cloud infrastructure such as servers, storage, bandwidth, networks and more.
  • Managed Azure®. Navisite's cloud hosting services now extend to Managed Microsoft Azure, allowing organizations to capitalize on the flexibility of the cloud while enabling IT teams to remain focused on higher-value priorities.
  • Self-Service NaviCloud®. Navisite's Self-Service cloud enables organizations to quickly launch new cloud environments while scaling servers, storage, bandwidth, networks and other cloud resources more easily.
  • Cloud Professional Services. Navisite's team of experts can help to ease the transition to Self-Service NaviCloud by providing a wealth of resources and optional onboarding services.

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