Cloud Solutions

Reap the benefits of the cloud with the right cloud solutions.

The cloud holds the potential to help enterprises reduce cost, improve agility, optimize operations and compete more effectively – but only when the right cloud solutions are in the mix.

Managing cloud platforms, cloud storage and cloud-based applications are not simple tasks -- especially for IT teams that lack the resources and tools to do it well. Third-party cloud solutions providers can help by enabling organizations to offload implementation, management and maintenance of cloud infrastructure to experts who can handle it with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

The key is choosing the right provider. When your mission-critical applications, data, systems and infrastructure are in the hands of a cloud services provider, you have to be sure you've made the right selection when choosing a partner. That's why, when leading companies across a wide range of industries perform a cloud assessment, they end up turning to cloud solutions from Navisite.

Cloud solutions from Navisite

Navisite provides managed applications, managed services and managed cloud solutions for companies worldwide. With Navisite, you can reduce capital and operational costs by outsourcing IT infrastructure to Navisite's highly experienced team of IT specialists.

Navisite's cloud solutions enable you to:

  • Leverage the efficiencies of a scalable, virtualized infrastructure to reduce capital costs and avoid the cost of IT resource underutilization.
  • Increase time-to-value by getting rid of long procurement cycles and ensuring projects move quickly from staging to production.
  • Improve disaster recovery (DR) preparedness with cloud solutions that have DR integrated into all services.
  • Improve reliability and availability with cloud solutions that are backed by 24/7/365 client support and industry-leading service level agreements (SLAs).

Navisite's comprehensive suite of cloud solutions

Navisite's leading cloud solutions include:

  • Managed cloud infrastructure services. As one of the industry's leading managed and self-service cloud providers, Navisite offers several Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions, including a managed VMware cloud, that can help to maximize the benefits of a flexible, elastic cloud or hybrid environment, while also improving visibility, reliability, functionality and security.
  • Cloud desktop services. Navisite's Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solutions enable organizations to simplify desktop administration and improve mobile management by providing enterprise-class virtual desktop experiences in the cloud that can be accessed from virtually any device and any location.
  • Application services. Navisite's managed application services provide complete end-to-end functional and technical support of business-critical applications, helping to save time, money and manpower by handling resource-intensive IT processes including installation, management, updates, patches and enterprise roll-out.
  • Hosting services. Navisite hosting services for colocation and managed storage, servers, databases, security and more allow IT staff to focus on end-users and spend less time on routine tasks.

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