Cloud Transformation

The right partner can speed cloud transformation.

Cloud transformation – the evolution of IT infrastructure and business processes to cloud-based solutions – is critical to competitiveness in today's quickly changing business landscape. Cloud solutions promise a host of benefits, from cost savings and greater agility to improved performance and optimized operations.

But cloud transformation can be extremely challenging. Enterprises, executives and even IT teams are reluctant to abandon the considerable investment in on-premises infrastructure and solutions. To manage cloud transformation effectively, you need a cloud technology partner that can provide solutions and expertise throughout your migration to the cloud.

The right partner must offer flexible solutions that enable you to move to the cloud at your own pace, relying on hybrid environments as needed to ensure continuity, availability and performance. A superior cloud transformation partner will also enable your IT teams to outsource the routine and time-consuming tasks of managing cloud environments on a daily basis, so they can turn their focus to more strategic priorities that better support the ambitions of the business.

When performing a cloud assessment to select the best partner for cloud transformation, a growing number of businesses worldwide are choosing Navisite to help manage the crucial task of moving to the cloud.

Cloud transformation with Navisite

Navisite provides leading solutions for managed hosting, managed application and cloud services, enabling midsized to enterprise businesses to manage cloud transformation with ease.

With Navisite, organizations can easily outsource IT infrastructure to lower their capital and operational costs while also freeing IT teams to work on high-value projects. Navisite's cloud services help ensure faster time-to value by eliminating the long procurement cycles typically associated with projects developed in-house. Superior client service and industry-leading SLAs ensure that Navisite's cloud transformation services are responsive to business needs. And Navisite's state-of-the-art data centres and highly experienced team of experts deliver world-class cloud services for highly customized solutions and complex environments.

Navisite solutions for cloud transformation.

Navisite supports cloud transformation with a suite of solutions that includes:

  • Application services that offer end to end support of mission-critical applications with flexible hosting options that help to streamline, secure and simplify major business application suites.
  • Cloud desktop services (DaaS) that help to support a mobile workforce and simplify desktop management by providing easy access to virtualized desktops in the cloud.
  • Cloud infrastructure services (IaaS) that feature a managed cloud, self-service cloud and Managed Azure cloud solution for easier Azure management.
  • Hosting services that range from colocation to a rich portfolio of managed hosting solutions for servers, security, databases, networks, storage and more.

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