Colo To Cloud

A colo to cloud strategy combines control and flexibility.

When you want the benefits of cloud technology but aren't ready to migrate 100% of your data and infrastructure, a colocation to cloud (colo to cloud) strategy may be the answer.

The future of enterprise computing is clearly in cloud solutions, but many organizations are not ready to totally abandon their investments in on-premises infrastructure or to move core applications to the cloud. For some, it's a matter of security and compliance, while others have workloads that aren't well-suited to virtualized or multi-tenanted platforms.

A colo to cloud strategy enables organizations to locate servers in third-party data centres where they can realize the benefits of lower costs, improved security and have easy access to cloud solutions. At the same time, a colo to cloud strategy lets companies move data and infrastructure to the cloud now or in the future as computing requirements change over time.

The key to implementing a successful colo to cloud approach is finding a provider that offers both state-of-the-art colocation services and highly flexible cloud solutions. For a growing number of enterprises around the world, Navisite is the provider of choice for colo to cloud services.

Go colo to cloud with Navisite

Navisite is a leading provider of enterprise-class managed hosting, manage applications and cloud services for companies seeking to reap the benefits of cloud computing. Navisite offers a full suite of reliable and scalable cloud services as well as tailored solutions delivered through an international footprint of state-of-the-art data centres. Navisite's team of cloud specialists is available 24/7/365 to support clients operating complex IT environments and to optimize IT infrastructure to meet business needs now and in the future.

Navisite's colo to cloud services

Navisite's colo to cloud services start with enterprise-class colocation hosting services. Navisite operates a number of data centres across two continents, each with physical security, redundant power, reliable connectivity and high-bandwidth as well as round-the-clock expert monitoring.

Navisite also supports colo to cloud strategies with leading managed cloud offerings, providing an array of cloud-based Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions. These include:

  • Managed NaviCloud®, a robust managed cloud platform that leverages the power of VMware cloud hypervisor and offers cloud servers, storage, networks, bandwidth and more with 24/7/365 monitoring.
  • Self-Service NaviCloud®, platform that empowers clients to quickly launch new cloud environments and scale resources easily.
  • Managed Azure®, a highly scalable, proven cloud platform that can be provisioned into Microsoft data centres worldwide.

Learn more about colo to cloud solutions from Navisite, and about Navisite solutions for cloud assessment tools, storage and data management services with Commvault data protection software.