Commvault Data Protection

Navisite and Commvault data protection help streamline IT management.

At a time when IT technology is more complex than ever, Navisite and Commvault data protection can help to simplify the complicated task of backing up and restoring data across multiple environments.

Hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure is quickly becoming the standard for enterprise IT. Consequently, many organizations now rely on a patchwork of solutions for data protection management. Different environments require different backup and recovery technologies and many IT teams can be using as many as five or six different tools to meet their data protection objectives.

To address this challenge, Navisite Managed Data Protection enables IT teams to use a single tool to protect digital assets across all Navisite environments. Navisite's solution leverages Commvault data protection software, a best-in-class data backup and recovery technology with the industry's broadest support for integrating and managing digital assets.

Navisite and Commvault data protection

Navisite provides enterprises around the world with managed hosting, managed applications and cloud services, including Azure management solutions for Azure cloud deployments.

Navisite's Managed Data Protection solution with Commvault data protection software enables IT teams to improve and streamline backup and recovery operations. With Navisite, enterprises get a single tool that eliminates the complexity of managing and monitoring data protection, boosts visibility into backup and recovery and puts an end to finger-pointing between vendors when issues need to be resolved. Enterprises also get a single point of contact for support along with a single billing statement in a single contract agreement.

Navisite also enables IT staff to offload critical but routine and time-consuming aspects of data protection to a team of Navisite data protection experts, helping to reduce costs and enabling administrators to focus on more strategic IT priorities. With Navisite and Commvault data protection, IT teams retain ultimate control of their IT environment, with visibility provided by Proximity, Navisite's online client interface.

Benefits of Navisite and Commvault data protection

When managing backup and recovery with Navisite and Commvault data protection, you can:

  • Rely on application-consistent data backup and granular recoverability.
  • Recover quickly from complete server, virtual machine or infrastructure failure.
  • Protect against data corruption and accidental deletion.
  • Gain clear visibility into backup and recovery operations, with tools for reporting, alerting and service usage metering.
  • Improve protection with Navisite and Commvault data protection options for redundant and off-site data copies and for a long-term data retention.

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