Data Protection Management

Streamline data protection management with Navisite.

As enterprise technology grows more varied and complex, data protection management becomes more complicated as well. Companies today use a variety of technologies — both cloud-based solutions and traditional implementations — and each have their own requirements for data protection. To ensure that all data is protected and available, IT teams must use multiple tools for backing up data. The majority of IT staffs today use between two and five different data protection management solutions, which both increases costs and hinders productivity.

Navisite offers an alternative: Navisite Managed Data Protection, powered by Commvault. With this single data protection management tool, administrators can protect all of their digital assets using a highly reliable infrastructure designed to simplify backup and restore processes.

Data protection management with Navisite.

Navisite is a leading provider of managed hosting, managed applications and cloud services, including managed infrastructure solutions for a Navisite managed cloud and for Microsoft Azure cloud, enabling you to manage Azure cloud deployments more easily and cost-effectively.

Navisite Managed Data Protection leverages Commvault's best-in-class data backup and recovery software, a solution that provides the industry's broadest support for managing and integrating digital assets. Navisite's data protection management solution works in both physical and virtual environments, providing a single backup solution for virtual and cloud deployments as well as legacy infrastructure that remains on premises.

With a unified data protection management solution, you can consistently and reliably protect data across all environments, even as your IT infrastructure evolves over time. Navisite's managed hosting and multicloud management solutions also free up IT teams to work on value-driven tasks rather than maintenance and management of data protection solutions.

Why choose Navisite's data protection management solution?

Navisite Managed Data Protection provides significant advantages over traditional data protection management solutions. With Navisite, you can:

  • Minimize downtime with protection and recovery from data corruption, accidental deletion and failure of servers, virtual machines and infrastructure.
  • Improve data protection with application-consistent backups that include granular recoverability for supported applications and databases.
  • Improve flexibility with options for off-site or redundant data copies and long-term retention of data backups.
  • Get greater visibility on backup and recovery operations with reports, alerts and service metering of usage via Navisite's Proximity interface.

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