Data Protection Services

The challenge of data protection services in a multi-cloud world.

As more organizations move to a hybrid or multi-cloud IT strategy, managing data protection services has become increasingly more complex. Various systems, technologies and environments require different tools for data protection management and many IT teams find they must use a variety of tools to perform backup operations. In addition to greater inefficiency and rising costs, this intensive focus on data protection services diverts IT teams from higher value tasks and other strategic priorities.

To simplify data protection services, Navisite offers a Managed Data Protection solution that can protect digital assets across all Navisite environments. Powered by Commvault's best-in-class data backup and recovery software, Navisite's Managed Data protection services help simplify data protection by enabling IT teams to use a single tool for backup and restore processes.

Data protection services from Navisite

As one of the world's leading providers of cloud services, Navisite offers managed hosting, managed applications and managed cloud services, including support for hybrid and colo to cloud implementations.

Navisite's Managed Data protection services offer protection for all digital assets on Navisite servers and storage environments, whether data is deployed on bare metal, public cloud, private cloud or a hybrid.

Consolidating all data protection services with a single vendor lets you streamline management and monitoring, increase visibility and eliminate any finger-pointing by vendors when issues arise. You'll have a single point of contact for all service needs as well as a single contract and billing statement. By entrusting important but time-consuming data protection tasks to Navisite's experts, you can reduce expenses while freeing your core IT teams to focus on more value-driven tasks and objectives.

Benefits of Navisite's data protection services

With Navisite and Commvault data protection services, you can:

  • Protect against and recover from data corruption and accidental deletion.
  • Recover quickly after the failure of a server, infrastructure or virtual machine.
  • Enjoy application-consistent data backup, with granular recoverability for specific applications and databases.
  • Increase visibility into backup and recovery operations with flexible reports and alerts.

Navisite experts in data protection services will work with you to understand your unique data protection needs, catalog the types of data being stored, evaluate your RPO and RTO demands and recommend a plan with the optimal data protection services for your organization.

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