Email Continuity Proofpoint

Drive productivity with email continuity from Proofpoint and Navisite.

When ensuring uninterrupted access to email is a top priority, email continuity from Proofpoint and Navisite offers a seamless solution for email continuity in Office 365.

Email is a favorite target for attackers, in part because each end user represents a potential vulnerability. Threats like phishing schemes and ransomware threaten business productivity not by embedding malicious code in emails but by tricking users into clicking on a link, opening an attachment or sharing sensitive information. Successful attacks can lead to significant issues with email continuity, interrupting communications and bringing business to a halt.

For organizations seeking cloud-based solutions to protect corporate data and business communication and collaboration capabilities, email continuity from Proofpoint and Navisite is the answer.

Navisite solution for email continuity with Proofpoint.

Navisite is an international provider of enterprise-class managed hosting, managed applications and cloud services, helping organizations to reduce expense, outsource IT infrastructure and achieve cloud transformation.

Navisite offers email continuity and threat protection as part of its managed office 365 solution portfolio. Navisite Managed Office 365 Productivity Suite is powered by Microsoft and enhanced by email security and email continuity with Proofpoint, a next generation cyber security company protecting people, data and brands from advanced threats.

With email continuity from Proofpoint and Navisite, organizations get uninterrupted and secure email access even when servers are down due to unplanned downtime or disaster.

Email continuity from Proofpoint and Navisite includes:

  • 24x7 support from the Navisite help desk and direct escalation to Microsoft premiere support when necessary.
  • Real-time live event monitoring of your Office 365 environment.
  • Proofpoint solutions for email hygiene and threat protection in addition to email continuity.

How Navisite promotes email continuity with Proofpoint technology.

Email continuity from Proofpoint and Navisite is a featured offering with every level of Navisite's Managed Office 365 service. When a disaster or unplanned downtime occurs, users can continue to access their email by logging into a Proofpoint portal using their Office 365 credentials. Working in a secure Emergency Inbox, they can send and receive email and attachments and continue their work and communication without interruption.

With email continuity from Proofpoint and Navisite you can:

  • Access messages with a 30-day rolling view of email.
  • Enjoy no-touch primary mail recovery with Automated Restoration.
  • Redeliver deleted or lost emails with Instant Replay.
  • Ensure always-on email cataloging with Automated Spooling.

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