Manage Azure

Do you have the expertise to manage Azure environments well?

While Microsoft Azure® provides a powerful cloud platform and flexible pricing that can help to reduce the costs of cloud computing, it takes a great deal of time and expertise to manage Azure well. For IT teams, the time-consuming and tedious maintenance tasks required to manage Azure for peak performance can often take away from other more strategic IT projects that have the potential to drive innovation and enable the business to compete more effectively.

That's where Navisite can help. Navisite Managed Azure is a managed cloud solution that lets you offload the important but routine tasks of managing, monitoring and maintaining your environment to Navisite's team of Azure experts. With Navisite, you can unleash the full potential of your IT team by allowing Navisite to manage Azure day to day for optimal reliability and availability.

Manage Azure cloud deployments with Navisite.

As an experienced managed multi-cloud provider, Navisite can help your organization take advantage of the flexibility and scalability of multiple cloud environments. And as a trusted IT partner, we help to manage Azure in a way that lets you realize all the benefits and advantages that you expect from this powerful platform.

When you manage Azure with help from Navisite, you'll benefit from the combination of 24/7 expert monitoring and management by Navisite and an Azure environment provisioned into a Microsoft data centre. Navisite helps manage Azure by overseeing provisioning of and managing virtual machines, Azure storage, backups, virtual networks, load-balancing and the VPN Gateway.

Navisite's Proximity Portal delivers a unified interface for complete visibility into your Azure deployment. You'll be able to view important events and resolutions and to identify and prevent potential incidents.

Navisite experts manage Azure for greater reliability by grouping two or more VM's with the same purpose into Availability Sets. During routine maintenance, only one virtual machine and Availability Set is rebooted at a time, ensuring continuous app availability even while maintenance and upgrades are performed.

Benefits when you manage Azure with Navisite's managed cloud services.

Navisite's managed Azure cloud solution lets you manage Azure in order to:

  • Lower capital expenses with a flexible pay-as-you-go pricing model.
  • Increase productivity for your IT team who can be free to focus on strategic business goals rather than tedious tactical management and maintenance.
  • Maximize application performance by employing flexible network architectures.
  • Scale rapidly as needed and integrate with many other Microsoft-powered enterprise solutions.

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