Managed Hosting Cloud

Managed hosting cloud services improve reliability and reduce cost.

When managing your own servers, storage, networks and security is running up your costs and pulling your IT team off more strategic priorities, managed hosting cloud services may be the answer.

Monitoring and maintaining servers and storage is a critical but tedious and time-consuming task for IT teams that have a wide variety of priorities to tackle. Managed hosting cloud solutions can relieve the strain on IT staff and provide a more cost-effective alternative to on-premises solutions.

When choosing managed hosting cloud offerings that can help to reduce cost and improve performance, more mid-sized to enterprise level companies around the world look to Navisite, a premier managed hosting company.

Managed hosting cloud solutions from Navisite

As a global provider of cloud services, Navisite provides managed hosting cloud services designed to enable rapid resource provisioning and to minimize the burden of monitoring and maintaining hardware, operating systems and network connections.

Navisite's managed hosting cloud services are delivered from multiple enterprise-class data centres that span two continents. Navisite's team of managed hosting experts can help provision, maintain and monitor your systems, performing key maintenance tasks, ensuring security patches are applied regularly and keeping antivirus defenses up-to-date.

Navisite's managed hosting cloud services include:

  • Managed Server solutions, with physical server and VM management solutions to keep servers running at peak performance.
  • Managed Network services that enable IT teams to focus on other business objectives.
  • Managed Storage solutions that help store, maintain, protect and recover information quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Managed Database solutions with a comprehensive range of services for leading databases.
  • Managed Security services, offering simplified and dependable security solutions.

Navisite also offers managed cloud infrastructure solutions, including VMware hosting and managed Azure hosting solutions, as well as disaster recovery services that help ensure business resiliency and continuity.

Benefits of Navisite's managed hosting cloud services

With Navisite's managed hosting cloud offerings, you can:

  • Improve availability through robust Service Level Agreement (SLAs) that guarantee uptime.
  • Ensure performance with expert monitoring conducted by Navisite Service Centres 24/7/365.
  • Maintain control with complete visibility into your hosting environment.
  • Improve efficiency and productivity by keeping in-house IT teams focused on end-users and strategic business goals.
  • Add flexibility by integrating Navisite solutions for application hosting, cloud desktop services and cloud infrastructure.

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