Managed Hosting Company

A managed hosting company can drive efficiency and performance.

When your IT team has become consumed with the tasks of managing servers, storage and databases, a managed hosting company can help to alleviate the burden of this routine monitoring and maintenance.

As IT environments become more complex, your IT staff may become overwhelmed by the requirements of keeping servers, operating systems and networks operating at peak performance. There is risk in devoting too much time to these tasks, as IT personnel may not have the bandwidth to work on projects and initiatives that hold more strategic value for the organization.

A managed hosting company enables IT organizations to offload certain important but tedious tasks to a team of experts who can perform this work more efficiently and cost-effectively. When choosing a managed hosting company for your IT infrastructure, consider the comprehensive solutions available from Navisite.

Navisite: a leading managed hosting company

Navisite provides managed hosting, managed applications and cloud services for mid-sized to enterprise level organizations throughout the world. From VMware cloud deployments to cloud desktops and from managed Office 365 services to managed servers and storage, Navisite's cloud computing and disaster recovery services help businesses improve performance, reduce costs and ensure business continuity.

When you choose Navisite as your managed hosting company, you can:

  • Increase performance through expert monitoring 24x7x365.
  • Guarantee uptime with services delivered from enterprise-class data centres backed by robust service level agreements (SLAs).
  • Enhance efficiency by keeping IT staff focused on strategic priorities.
  • Gain greater visibility into your cloud environment.
  • Add other Navisite offerings such as cloud desktop, application and cloud infrastructure services and DR hosting.

Comprehensive solutions from a managed hosting company

As a managed hosting company, Navisite provides a wide range of hosting services that include:

  • Colocation, providing dependable environments to house business-critical applications, websites and network services.
  • Managed Server hosting for servers, Web servers, application and middleware servers, with services to keep hardware running at peak performance.
  • Managed Storage services with a wide range of storage solutions to meet business needs.
  • Managed Database services — including implementation, administration, optimization, support, maintenance and disaster recovery — for leading products such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL.
  • Managed Security services delivered in conjunction with Alert Logic that can be customized to meet unique security and compliance requirements.

Learn more about services available from Navisite, a managed hosting company, and about Navisite solutions for migrating to Office 365.