Migrating to Office 365

The challenge of migrating to Office 365

Migrating to Office 365 can be a complex process. For organizations that lack the internal resources or expertise to move mission-critical applications and data to the cloud, migrating to Office 365 can be downright stressful. The mandates to mitigate risk, avoid downtime, keep a tight rein on costs and reduce the impact on users can be overwhelming for IT teams that are already short on resources and people.

To assist in successfully migrating to Office 365, Navisite provides customized migration and cloud solutions for organizations determined to modernize workforce productivity with Managed Office 365 services.

Migrating to Office 365 with help from Navisite

As a leading cloud computing and managed hosting company, Navisite provides migration services that help organizations make smart choices when transitioning data to the cloud. Navisite's team of migration experts provide leadership and assistance throughout the process, helping to maintain digital integrity and safeguard client data.

In addition to assistance with migrating to Microsoft Office 365, Navisite helps with setup and ongoing support of Microsoft applications. Our team provides the integration expertise required to enhance Microsoft Office environments with cloud and managed solutions for mobility, security and compliance. Navisite also provides real-time health check monitoring, rapid response times for issue resolution, and email hygiene and continuity services. With Navisite, migrating to Office 365 can be seamless, secure and infinitely simpler than managing migration on your own.

Options for migrating to Office 365

You have several options when migrating to Office 365 – your Navisite migration team will help you understand the benefits of each and determine which aligns best with your objectives.


  • Cutover migration is the fastest and simplest option, and can be the most cost-effective for companies with fewer than 300 employees. When migrating to Office 365 with a cutover, existing data is pre-staged while users continue to work without disruption. Mail routing is switched to Office 365, synchronizing any new mail data with a quick delta pass.
  • Simple co-existence migration involves efficient, manageable waves of migration for organizations with 300 to more than 30,000 employees. Existing data is pre-staged in Office 365 and a phased implementation permits mail co-existence. Calendar co-existence is also an option.
  • Hybrid co-existence migration provides options for clients with unique requirements who can migrate over a long-term phased approach.

Navisite's approach enables on-premises and cloud email solutions to work in concert, synchronizing email, contacts and calendar entries. Clients can keep existing systems running for as long as needed.

Learn more about migrating to Office 365 with help from Navisite, and about Navisite solutions for DR hosting and a managed hosting cloud.