Multi-Cloud Management

The right provider can simplify multi-cloud management.

As more organizations adopt a multi-cloud approach to cloud computing, the demand for superior multi-cloud management solutions is skyrocketing.

Enterprises are quickly realizing the benefits of multi-cloud deployments. From greater choice and reduced cost to better customization and reduced latency, multi-cloud strategies provide a wealth of advantages over the traditional single cloud approach.

But managing multiple cloud vendors and platforms can be a highly complicated task for many organizations. Savvy organizations are turning to multi-cloud management solutions to unlock the potential of multi-cloud deployments and to seamlessly migrate to the right cloud environment for their needs while benefiting from the experience and expertise of a team of cloud experts.

Multi-cloud management with Navisite

As a leading provider of managed hosting, managed applications and services, Navisite provides multi-cloud management solutions that enable organizations to streamline management and reduce costs of their multi-cloud deployment.

Navisite's multi-cloud management solutions provide managed IT services on top of cloud platforms including Microsoft® Azure™ and Navisite's VMware based NaviCloud platform. These services are designed to complement existing Navisite managed application and bare-metal hosting services, helping clients to benefit from the union of round-the-clock Navisite monitoring and management and highly stable and scalable cloud platforms. By allowing enterprises to deploy and manage physical and cloud workloads in both Azure and Navisite data centres and to manage Azure and VMware deployments more easily, Navisite delivers customized and flexible network architectures that can alleviate the burden of multi-cloud management.

Benefits of multi-cloud management

With Navisite's multi-cloud management solution, organizations can:

  • Reduce the cost of cloud implementations by selecting and paying for only the services and support they need to maintain their business.
  • Optimize service and combat latency issues by spreading the IT environment over multiple cloud deployments with a more reliable IT environment.
  • Customize cloud deployments to manage specific applications and cherry pick the solutions needed to best support diverse elements of the IT ecosystem.
  • Increase flexibility with the ability to select the right cloud configuration to support a diverse application portfolio at the optimal level.

Navisite also delivers a broad range of managed services that include managed hosting, managed data protection services, Desktop-as-a-Service solutions and Infrastructure-as-a-Service offerings.

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