Data centre security is critical to business success.

Your data centre is the heart of your organisation, housing infrastructure, powering applications and storing and delivering the business-critical information that employees, partners and clients rely on. For this reason, data centre security must be paramount.

But as environments and enterprise infrastructure become more complex, it’s more difficult and costlier than ever to ensure data centre security. From maintaining proper security controls to ensuring continuous power and monitoring HVAC systems, data centre security and maintenance can easily overwhelm shrinking IT staffs and constrained IT budgets.

Navisite can help. Providing comprehensive colocation, managed hosting and managed cloud services, Navisite delivers superior data centre security while reducing costs, improving performance and simplifying IT management.

Navisite’s managed services for greater data centre security

Navisite provides enterprise-class managed hosting, managed applications and cloud services, enabling clients to lower up-front capital costs by outsourcing IT infrastructure.

Navisite offers an array of infrastructure services that help to take advantage of the speed and flexibility of the cloud while improving data centre security and improving functionality. Our offerings include:

  • Colocation: scalable, enterprise-class colocation services from a network of several data centres around the world, backed up with world-class networking and powerful data centre security features.
  • Hosting service options with fully managed IT infrastructure applications and highly secure traditional or cloud-enabled environments.
  • Application hosting services offering functional and technical support for many business applications, including Oracle, IBM and Microsoft suites.
  • Cloud infrastructure services, offering self-service and fully managed Infrastructure -as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions that help to reduce cost, simplify deployment and provide the flexibility to meet business needs.
  • Cloud desktop services that provide easily deployable alternatives to traditional desktop environments with a virtual desktop experience in the cloud, accessible via any device from virtually any location.

Data centre security with Navisite

With nine data centres located across two continents, Navisite achieves data centre security to safeguard sensitive, critical data from being compromised. Data centre security is ensured by:

  • Uninterrupted power supply systems with battery backup and on-site diesel generators to supply continuous power in the event of rare utility grid outage.
  • Data centre-grade HVAC systems that maintain consistent temperatures and humidity.
  • Access to a variety of network providers to provide round-the-clock, high-bandwidth connectivity to domestic and global destinations.
  • 24-hour monitoring by redundant Navisite Service Centres located miles away from any data centre.
  • Strict physical and logical data centre security controls, including constant video surveillance and dual authentication for data centre access, including biometrics.

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