Managed services simplify database system management.

While organizations today rely on business databases to provide employees, clients and partners with critical information, database system management has become increasingly complex and costly. Faced with shrinking budgets and staffs, IT teams often find it difficult to proactively monitor, update and troubleshoot databases. And as demand for data fluctuates, scaling IT infrastructure to meet business database requirements can be prohibitively costly.

A managed database hosting service can provide an effective and cost-efficient solution, enabling IT teams to outsource enterprise management of databases and to scale IT infrastructure on demand to acquire additional capacity when needed. For superior managed database services that are the choice of enterprises worldwide, consider the database system management offerings from Navisite.

Database system management with Navisite.

Navisite is a leading provider of managed hosting, managed applications and secure cloud services for enterprises seeking to outsource IT infrastructure and to lower up-front capital expenditure and to manage operational costs.

Navisite’s database system management services provide secure, dependable fully managed database solutions that help organizations reduce capital expenses and improve scalability to meet evolving business demands more easily. With Navisite’s team of experts handling database system management, internal IT teams can be free to focus on innovation and strategic priorities that can further business goals.

Navisite’s fully-managed database system management services include:

  • Installation, including configuration, release management, monitoring, reporting and troubleshooting.
  • Migration, including like-for-like migrations between client and Navisite data centres.
  • Administration, including support for creating database users, refreshing database statistics, managing database space, and more.
  • Management, including assistance in tuning physical database aspects such as configuration parameters, statistics generation, file layouts, index creation, and more.
  • Backups, including creation of physical and logical backups to improve resilience and speed data recovery.

Navisite also provides an expert team of database specialists to provide client service and support as well as expertise to complete custom database system management projects. Navisite database professionals can provide expert assistance to develop custom plans for projects such as disaster recovery assistance, SQL tuning and audit, compliance reporting, database upgrade completion, and more.

Three service levels for database system management.

Navisite provides three levels of service for database system management that balance value with business need:

  • Simple service level is intended for clients who need basic monitoring and management for non-production instances with no database refresh requirements.
  • Standalone service level is intended for clients who require full database management services for single node production or non-production instances.
  • Clustered service level is designed for clients who require full database system management of clustered production or non-production instances.

Learn more about database system management with Navisite, and about Navisite solutions for cloud computing security and managed cloud services.