Desktop Cloud

Simplify desktop management with desktop cloud solutions.

Desktop cloud solutions are transforming the way IT teams manage desktop environments. Virtual Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solutions simplify and streamline the time-consuming tasks of provisioning, managing and securing desktops for enterprise users. Rather than establishing desktops with on-premise hardware, desktop cloud solutions provide virtual desktops that can be accessed via any device, from any location.

The benefits are significant. IT teams can dramatically reduce the time it takes to deploy critical technology resources to users. Enterprises can easily support Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives, reducing costs and improving productivity by allowing users to access enterprise resources from their personal smart phones, tablets and laptops. IT teams can quickly scale desktop cloud services to meet business requirements, and business continuity plans are bolstered by adding cloud desktop technology.

Implementing superior desktop cloud solutions requires a DaaS provider with a resilient and powerful desktop virtualization platform. For leading enterprises around the world, Navisite is the desktop cloud provider of choice.

Desktop cloud services from Navisite.

Navisite is a leading international managed hosting, managed applications and managed cloud service provider, enabling enterprises around the world to outsource management of business-critical IT tasks and infrastructure.

Navisite’s cloud-based virtualization platform, NaviCloud® DaaS, is powered by VMware and delivers the flexibility and benefits of cloud computing directly to corporate end-users. With Navisite, IT administrators can add new users quickly and easily, architect desktop environments as needed, and make changes to desktops without needing direct access to users’ devices. Navisite’s cloud desktops are hosted in state-of-the-art, Tier 3 data centres that feature premier security and efficiency standards, resilient infrastructure and a predictable OpEx pricing model, enabling enterprises to reduce costs and make financial plans more easily.

Ultimately, Navisite’s desktop cloud solutions allow organisations to focus on driving business, enabling productivity and supporting BYOD initiatives without worrying about efficiency, reliability or security.

Choose from several desktop cloud architectures.

Navisite’s Desktop-as-a-Service architecture provides several distinct infrastructure options to meet a variety of business needs.

  • NaviCloud® Desktops provide a persistent desktop instance, offering a complete solution for desktop replacement, mobile enablement and front-office activities.
  • NaviCloud® Sessions offer a non-persistent desktop instance for streamlined delivery of essential desktop or application resources where settings and changes to the desktop must be cleansed between user logins.
  • NaviCloud® DaaS Sensitive Data Services provides customised delivery and support options for enterprises operating under strict compliance and regulatory standards.
  • NaviCloud® DaaS with Accelerated Graphics provided desktops for resource-intensive applications, enabling enterprises to avoid the need for expensive, high-end workstations.
  • Managed NaviCloud® DaaS services provide a team of desktop experts who offer an array of services for designing, building and managing desktop environments.

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