Desktop in Cloud

Streamline desktop management with desktop in cloud solutions.

Managing user desktops can be a time-consuming task for IT teams facing shrinking budgets and smaller staffs, but desktop in cloud solutions can help to significantly simplify desktop management.

Rather than establishing desktops with on-premise hardware, desktop in cloud solutions enable IT teams to use a virtual Desktop-as-a-Service offering to spin up desktops in the cloud that users can access from any device and any location. Desktop in cloud services support Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives by allowing employees to use their personal smart phones, tablets and laptops to access enterprise data and critical resources. To ensure security, data and applications remain in the data centre rather than residing on individual devices – if a device is lost or stolen, access to the desktop can simply be shut down.

Desktop in cloud solutions also support business continuity solutions by providing disaster recovery for desktop environments. And scaling virtual desktops is faster, easier and more affordable than scaling traditional desktop technology.

For enterprises seeking superior desktop in cloud services to improve desktop and BYOD management, Navisite provides a suite of cloud desktop solutions to meet a variety of business needs and use cases.

Desktop in cloud services from Navisite.

Navisite provides cloud, managed applications and managed hosting service options to enterprises worldwide.

Navisite’s cloud-based platform, NaviCloud® DaaS, has been architected from the ground up to provide powerful and resilient virtualization solutions for enterprises in a wide range of industries.

Powered by VMware®, Navisite’s desktop in cloud services provide a versatile solution for delivering critical desktop resources to virtually any device, anywhere. With Navisite, IT staff can quickly add new users and architect new desktop environments, making changes as needed without requiring direct access to endpoint devices.

Complete desktop in cloud solutions.

Navisite offers several Desktop-as-a-Service architecture options to meet various business needs.

  • NaviCloud® Desktops offer a persistent desktop instance — applications, files and settings remain available to the end-user between logins.
  • NaviCloud® Sessions offer a non-persistent desktop instance, where settings and changes to the desktop are wiped clean between logins.
  • NaviCloud® DaaS with Accelerated Graphics, providing enhanced compute power for resource-intensive applications.
  • NaviCloud® DaaS Sensitive Data Services, providing customized delivery and support options for organizations with strict compliance and regular three standards.
  • Managed NaviCloud® DaaS, providing a team of experts to handle the intricate and time-consuming tasks of designing, building and managing cloud desktops.

Learn more about Navisite’s desktop in cloud solutions, and about Navisite’s business continuity disaster recovery solutions.