Desktop in the Cloud

Reduce costs and simplify management with a desktop in the cloud.

For enterprises seeking cost-effective ways to improve desktop management, desktop in the cloud services are quickly becoming the go-to solution.

Cloud desktops provide a more affordable and flexible alternative to traditional corporate desktop environments. Rather than using a desktop installed on on-premise hardware, a cloud desktop solution enables users to access the same applications and critical resources through virtual Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), using a browser on nearly any device and at any location.

The implications for productivity and cost-savings are significant. IT teams can spin up a desktop in the cloud far more quickly and cost-effectively than architecting traditional desktops. Users get the anytime, anywhere access they required to be productive. Desktop in the cloud solutions provide greater scalability and support business continuity by providing desktop support during disaster recovery. And desktop in the cloud services support Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) by easily securing enterprise resources — all data and applications remain in the data centre safely behind firewalls and protected by security controls.

For enterprises seeking desktop in the cloud services to streamline desktop and BYOD management, Navisite provides a leading cloud-based desktop virtualization platform.

Navisite’s desktop in the cloud solutions.

Navisite is a leading provider of enterprise-class managed hosting services, managed application services and other cloud services to organisations worldwide.

Navisite’s desktop platform, NaviCloud® DaaS, is one of the most versatile solutions for enabling secure, device-agnostic delivery of desktop resources to enterprise employees. Hosted in state-of-the-art Tier 3 data centres, Navisite’s desktop in the cloud solutions are delivered through resilient technology infrastructure with premier security and efficiency standards in an OpEx pricing model that simplifies planning and reduces cost.

Navisite simplifies management of desktop environments and the BYOD-accessible network, providing administrators with tools to:

  • Manage desktops and users through a central online portal.
  • Update and change desktops without requiring direct access to users’ devices.
  • Maintain security standards without hindering user productivity.
  • Improve compliance with centralised insight and controls.

Multiple options for a desktop in the cloud.

Navisite provides several options for desktop in the cloud services:

  • NaviCloud® Desktops offer a persistent desktop instance where files and settings remain available to the user between logins.
  • NaviCloud® Sessions provide a non-persistent desktop instance where files and settings are wiped clean between logins.
  • NaviCloud® DaaS Sensitive Data Services provide support for organisations with strict compliance and regulatory requirements.
  • NaviCloud® DaaS with Accelerated Graphics provides support for resource-intensive applications.
  • Managed NaviCloud® DaaS services provide desktop experts to handle an array of tasks related to designing, building and managing desktop environments.

Learn more about the benefits of a desktop in the cloud with Navisite, and about Navisite solutions for business continuity management.