Enterprise Hosting Services

Simplify IT management with enterprise hosting services.

As organizations seek new ways to manage IT infrastructure more effectively, many IT teams are turning to enterprise hosting services and managed cloud services as a way to reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve application performance.

Managing a rapidly changing IT environment is a complex and time-consuming challenge. As IT departments face shrinking budgets and staffs, enterprise hosting services can help to alleviate the burden of managing routine tasks, staffing and IT infrastructure maintenance.

With expert enterprise hosting services, organizations can outsource tasks like upgrading, configuring and managing applications, middleware and hardware while enabling IT teams to spend more time on supporting end-users and executing on strategic priorities.

Enterprise hosting services from Navisite.

As one of the world’s leading cloud services companies, Navisite provides premier enterprise hosting services with fully managed IT infrastructure and applications in highly secure traditional or cloud-enabled environments.

Navisite’s rich portfolio of enterprise hosting services enables organizations to optimize mission-critical IT infrastructure performance and gain the flexibility required to address current business needs as well as future business requirements. And because business landscapes and opportunities evolve so quickly, Navisite’s enterprise hosting services provide rapid resource provisioning with additional hardware, middleware or application support to meet changing business requirements.

With enterprise hosting services from Navisite, organizations can:

  • Lower IT costs by eliminating capital investments and minimizing the expense of heating, cooling, power consumption and real estate costs associated with managing on-premise data centres.
  • Enhance application performance by quickly responding to the need for greater scalability and reliability.
  • Improve efficiency by enabling IT teams to focus on priorities that move the business forward, rather than routine monitoring and maintenance.
  • Maintain control of resources, bandwidth and hardware while offloading the headaches of maintaining these resources to Navisite.

Navisite’s comprehensive enterprise hosting services.

Navisite enterprise hosting services include:

  • Managed Security services, providing simplified, dependable Security-as-a-Service solutions for the cloud.
  • Managed Network services, enabling Navisite’s team of IT experts to oversee network resources while allowing IT organizations to focus on critical business objectives.
  • Managed Database services, providing a comprehensive range of database administration services for leading database management systems.
  • Managed Storage services, providing resilient and flexible solutions for storing, maintaining, protecting and recovering information easily and cost-effectively.
  • Managed Server services, keeping servers running at peak performance with scalable physical and VM management solutions.
  • Managed Application and Middleware Server services, offering expert help to implement, configure, monitor and maintain application/middleware servers hosted within a Navisite data centre.
  • Managed Web Server services that help relieve the burden of implementing, configuring, maintaining and monitoring Web servers.
  • Managed Colocation services providing scalable, enterprise-class collocation at Tier-Two and Tier-Three data centres around the world.

Many of Navisite’s services are designed for or provide built-in BCDR functionality to help support business continuity management.

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