Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise mobility requires powerful solutions.

Enterprise mobility is a critical component of business success today. As workforces grow increasingly mobile, employees require unimpeded access to enterprise data, collaboration tools and communications resources in order to stay productive. Superior enterprise mobility solutions can enable this functionality while ensuring the security of enterprise data and endpoint assets — whether company-issued or personal devices. The best mobile device management technology will also provide tools for enforcing policy-based compliance, improving enterprise mobility performance and positioning the enterprise for flexible growth as technology and enterprise mobility trends evolve.

Navisite’s Enterprise mobility Management services offer a premier set of hosted, managed and self-service resources that help enterprises enhance data security while simplifying management of diverse devices and mobile resources across the organization.

Improve enterprise mobility with Navisite.

Navisite is a global leader in solutions for managed hosting, managed applications and cloud services. Navisite’s Enterprise mobility Management solution provides the tools to control access to and usage of business-critical data across a broad variety of mobile devices. Administrators can use a self-service portal to create new users, generate reports and manage permission and access. With enterprise mobility solutions from Navisite, enterprises can address all mobility and collaboration needs while satisfying security, compliance and performance standards and reducing the management burden on IT.

With Navisite, enterprises can:

  • Improve support for the mobile workforce and satisfy BYOD requirements.
  • Quickly provision or decommission users without requiring access to endpoint devices.
  • Easily enforce policy and compliance standards with advanced mobile security solutions.
  • Gain clear visibility into mobile operations.
  • Manage enterprise mobility more easily with centralized security controls, device settings and user profiles.
  • Scale enterprise mobile operations quickly to meet business demand.
  • Reduce costs and improve financial planning with a predictable OpEx pricing structure.

Comprehensive enterprise mobility capabilities.

Navisite provides a toolkit of mobility management resources.

  • Mobile Device Management solutions let IT teams manage access to enterprise assets, encrypt sensitive data, and enforce compliance and security standards.
  • Mobile Content Management makes it easy to securely share, sync and edit content.
  • Mobile Application Management lets administrators distribute, track, update, and secure critical applications on a variety of end-user devices.
  • Containerization and Workspace tools allow IT to establish a complete and controllable separation of corporate and personal data on end-user devices
  • A Software Development Kit simplifies development of secure enterprise applications for dissemination to end-user devices.

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