Hosted Microsoft Dynamics

Simplify application management with a hosted Microsoft Dynamics solution.

For organizations seeking a better way to manage Microsoft Dynamics, a hosted Microsoft Dynamics solution from Navisite may be the answer. As one of the industry’s leading cloud computing companies, Navisite provides a rich portfolio of cloud services, enterprise hosting services, and managed application services for Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and other major application suites.

While Microsoft Dynamics provides business-critical tools that enable employees to work more productively and make decisions with confidence, managing a Microsoft Dynamics deployment can be costly and time-consuming. Navisite’s hosted Microsoft Dynamics provides expert application support and underlying IT infrastructure across the full suite of Microsoft Dynamics.

By outsourcing Microsoft Dynamics hosting to Navisite application services, IT organizations can save time, money and manpower. While IT personnel focus on other strategic priorities, Navisite’s application experts handle routine but resource-intensive IT processes such as installation, upgrades, patch management and enterprise roll-out.

And by leveraging Navisite’s burstable, high-performance cloud computing platform with usage-based billing, organizations can eliminate upfront capital expenditures, minimize recurring operational costs, and accelerate deployment of Microsoft Dynamics and other applications.

Navisite’s hosted Microsoft Dynamics services.

With a hosted Microsoft Dynamics solution, Navisite provides application maintenance that allows clients to get the most from their IT budgets. Navisite experts provide application updates, including service packs, vendor released patches and upgrades. Navisite also maintains all aspects of the service delivery infrastructure that supports applications, rather than outsourcing infrastructure to third parties.

Navisite hosted Microsoft Dynamics is supported by service level guarantees that include:

  • Response and resolution guarantees.
  • Continuous application availability.
  • Performance guarantees.
  • Change management guarantees.

To provide exceptional service for all client issues, Navisite’s managed hosting services include a world-class incident management process to efficiently handle escalations, client notifications and resource management required to quickly resolve urgent production incidents.

Why Navisite for hosted Microsoft Dynamics?

For a superior hosted Microsoft Dynamics solution, Navisite provides:

  • Proven experience in end-to-end application management through centres of excellence staffed by experienced Dynamics application experts.
  • A dedication to compliance, mitigating the risk of managing applications with a compliance-driven approach that includes thorough change management, third-party audits, production control, client transparency, stringent security standards, documented policies and contractual guarantees.

In addition to providing a hosted Microsoft Dynamics solution, Navisite also offers complementary upgrade services that include:

  • Mobile Messaging
  • Managed Messaging for Microsoft Exchange
  • Application Development and Integration for.NET
  • Microsoft Commerce Server
  • SQL Reporting Services

Learn more about hosted Microsoft Dynamics with Navisite, and about Navisite’s other managed hosting service offerings.