Hosting services provide flexibility and on-demand infrastructure.

As enterprises look for new and more effective ways to optimize IT infrastructure, managed hosting services have become an increasingly popular option. By entrusting certain IT functions to a hosting service provider, organizations can reduce costs, improve performance and enhance efficiency while freeing IT staff to focus on more strategic priorities.

As a leading cloud services provider, Navisite offers a rich portfolio of enterprise-class managed hosting services that give organizations the flexibility to meet current business needs and prepare for future demands. Navisite’s world-class hosting services enable enterprises to meet IT requirements with on-demand and fully managed IT infrastructure and applications and highly secure traditional or cloud-enabled environments.

Hosting services from Navisite.

Navisite managed hosting enterprise services include:

  • Managed Security services including network intrusion detection and prevention, vulnerability assessments, web application security, and client solutions to eliminate the burden and expense of managing data centre security.
  • Managed Network services, including data protection and disaster recovery solutions, to safeguard data and minimize downtime while reducing cost and complexity.
  • Colocation services that offer dependable environments to house business-critical applications, digital assets and other network services.
  • Managed Server services that include scalable physical server and VM management solutions that help keep servers running at peak performance while enhancing availability and reducing overall costs.
  • Managed Application and Middleware Server services to manage implementation, configuration, monitoring, maintenance and more.
  • Managed Web Server services that take on the burden of web server implementation, configuration, maintenance, monitoring and more.
  • Managed Database services that offer a range of database administration services for leading DBMSs, such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL server, and MySQL.
  • Managed Storage services, including cloud solutions that provide flexible, resilient storage solutions for storing, maintaining, protecting and recovering data easily and cost-effectively.

Benefits of Navisite’s hosting services.

With hosting services from Navisite, organizations can:

  • Lower costs by minimizing up-front capital investments and reducing power consumption, heating, cooling and real estate costs.
  • Enhance performance in applications by quickly responding to demands for increased reliability and scalability.
  • Improve efficiency by enabling IT teams to focus on strategic issues that move the business forward rather than staffing and maintenance of IT infrastructure.
  • Maintain control over resources, bandwidth and hardware while offloading routine tasks and problem-solving to Navisite.

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